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Brad Rude
SOC 1001
Evan Stewart

Sociological Movie Review - 42

For my sociological movie review I decided to write about 42. 42 is about Jackie Robinson's life circa his entrance into Major League Baseball. The movie touched on several sociological ideas. Firstly, Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Not since Louis Armstrong breaking the color barrier of radio had there been such a momentous paradigm shift in the American culture. Throughout the course of the movie Robinson has to deal with a deluge of racist comments and actions thrown his way. One of the first things the audience has to sit through is Jackie Robinson trying to use the public bathroom of a gas station. When the gas station attendant tells him that he can't use the bathroom because he's black and he should know that, Robinson doesn't react like the other African-Americans on his minor league team. Instead, Robinson tells the attendant that they can just take their business elsewhere if they aren't going to be allowed to use the restroom. However, this isn't the only time Robinson finds himself on the wrong end of American racism. When he does end up making it to the major league, Robinson is forced to deal with racial epithets from other teams and even his own. While there is a whole lot of negative to the movie, the audience sees that the paradigm is shifting. Eventually, people, as a whole, start to accept Robinson for who he is, a remarkable baseball player. This, of course, doesn't mean that there aren't those who still oppose the integration of African-Americans into the league. In the end, Branch Rickey, the man who decided to bring Jackie Robinson onto the Brooklyn Dodgers' roster, began a new way of thinking about baseball, and people in general, by including black people in Major League Baseball. Because of Branch Rickey's forward thinking and Jackie Robinson's perseverance a whole new paradigm was put into place in the American culture. While it wasn't over night, because of large steps like these, racism has become far less prevalent in our culture today.

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