April 9, 2009

How Print Media Goes Digital

"Student may pay up to $40k for apartment flood"

This is an article that was originally printed for the UMD Statesman The story was printed as is, and to expand readership, the Statesman posted the story online. The story shows the importance of print media in the digital world, and how readership can be expanded by simply creating a website that is accessible and convenient.

April 7, 2009

More on the Newsroom and Online

Interested in more online journalism? check out this awesome Q&A with Jeremy Iggers, executive director of the online publication Twin Cities Daily Planet at Media!

Or are you more Interested what's going on in the newsroom? It's not a Q&A but it's a small trip into the office of the Duluth News Tribune who is facing hard times with budget cuts & layoffs

**Check out the photo tour and what happened with my visit & why it took a turn for the worse [for the DNT staff] at Kept in Print in the Media in the Newsroom and Online blog spot!

"I'm an insider"

Since high school I have always wanted to be a print journalist, so by working on that school's paper and following that by working at the Statesman I've found that not much is different from the two papers. The newsroom is somewhere that once you walk in, its work time, no matter what you were doing or hoping to do it is time to check stories, headlines and page layouts.

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Mixing Print with Digital

Here is a video compilation of pictures of the Statesman, and a video tour of the newsroom.

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" I'm on the outside, and I'm looking in."

When I first entered the room of journalists, I was in awe of how much was going on around me: students pieced together stories, editors sweating because the deadline is near, photographers scrambling for good picture placement and reporters apologizing for not having their story finished in time. This was my first day at the Statesman, and as an outsider looking in, I knew that things would soon change.

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