Motivation Project for Educational Psychology

For this assignment I was asked to explore the various roots of motivation. I was exposed to different aspects of motivation, and varying scientific methods that explain how students are motivated. Much of the research concluded that students are motivated by what they like, and when a student is threatened, insulted, or put in harms way, their desire to learn is weakened, and their ability to retain information shrinks considerably. There are seperate sections for each method of research. Following the research, I have included two sections. The first is a story of a teacher who used successful motivational tools in the classroom and why they were succesful. The last section is for methods that educators can use in their classroom, and includes explanations as to why these methods can work. Lastly, this website was created to help educators understand that everyone is unique, and teaching from the manual is not always the best option, and in order to be successful at our job, we must be willing to explore those areas that frighten us.

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1) Zull
2) Maslow
3) Kohn
4) Yerkes-Dodson & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
5) Motivational Teacher
6)Reference Guide

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