May 9, 2009


For our last assignment we were asked to document an event, a photo story if you will. I love boxing and action, and this was a great chance to show my skills as an action photographer. These photos were taken in an upstairs training area called Lorenzi's Gym in west DUluth. I almost wanted to jump in the ring and show them what I got.!


For this assignment we had to cover a spot news event, or any type of event. Lucy, our teacher wanted us to cover a huge ice storm that hit DUluth, and because I love taking pics I decided to capture the moment with my lens.


This assignment we were asked to take photos of action sports. Since football is amazing, and I am an amazing photographer, I decided that the two great things needed to be part of a photography project. THis is the UMD football team practicing while their is still snow on the ground. Crazy Minnesotans eh?


John Hatcher, the late and great journalism professor at UMD. He is a great educator, and I thought, what the hell, people need to know who this guy is. So I decided for my major portrait assignment to photograph aspects of journalism; particularily, John Hatcher.

Major Assignment feature

I love rock climbing, unfortuantely I have never been able to do it, but that didnt stop me from taking pictures in the recreation area at UMD. These photos are of a group of students who are regulars at the wall. Not only are they pretty damn good, they also enjoy what they do, and my focus was to capture their enjoyment with the lense.

FEATURE assignment

for this assignment I was to cover a certain angle of UMD, for this photo essay I decided to focus on students and their study habits in the Wedge, located in Kirby Student Center.

May 8, 2009

Ahh, the first assignment

Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures I took for a general news event. The event was the internship fair in the Kirby Ballroom.

May 3, 2009

OUT COLD!!! Rock on!

This assignment was a major general news assignment. I love music and I love rocking out, so I decided to capture the moment at Battle of the Bands in the Kirby Ballroom. It was a great show, and I think the pics turned out failry well with added effects.

Self Portrait

I love myself. Is that a bad thing? For this assignment we were asked to take photos of ourselves or of something in a portrait type setting. Being the cocky bastard that I am, I decided to take pictures of myself. I love messing around with settings, and I love black and white photography. THis was really my only chance to show my skills as a portrait artist.

May 2, 2009

FARGO flooding

This was a huge assignment for a major spot news event. I decided that Faro North Dakota needed my help, and not only did I sand bag, I also tried to capture the emotion and the events with my lens.