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Week 1 Reflections.

As I start to engage with the material in the syllabus, I also start to play out some of teaching strategies, or agendas, in my head. Since I have yet to get my teaching license, my concept of what it is to be a teacher is based on my experiences as a student as well as a teaching aid/volunteer in a high school. It is needless to say that I am excited in conversing with my group members who are currently teaching, in order to gain some perspective on what lyes ahead.

When I have my own English classroom, I'd like nothing more than set the mood of our literary explorations with music contemporary or relevant to the texts we'd be reading. The internet is a resource that seems bottomless! I'd also like to get some images from the web such as time lines and maps to help contextualize the readings. I think that the internet, in addition to being a treasure trove of information, is also a very cost effective way to enrich a lesson. I really liked the statistic from the 'History of Media' video that proposed that we remember 50% of what we see and hear and, with the kinesthetic interaction that many online medias utilize, the retention percentage increases. As a future educator, those kinds of findings cannot be ignored! Of course, I have to come to terms with some of my own fears of using media. I love reading books, and I don't think information should have to jump up and down, turn different colors, and vibrate the computer screen for it to be valuable. I think that society now encourages a short attention span, and I don't quite like that. I think that reading critically is a skill; it takes time and focus to achieve, but I think that it is worthwhile. If using different media could assist in gaining that skill, however, I'd be more than willing to use it.

The videos we watched this week were very exciting. I spent a lot of time watching videos on the site and came to the conclusion that these videos were very valuable for young.... and older people to see. The music and politics video was great because it was a young person's production of media that promoted social change. The music video was humorous while being informative, and pleaded for a greater connectedness between young people and politics. I especially liked how the main rapper guy was showing other young people how to fill out a ballet and encouraging them to vote.

The claymation video was also interesting to me. Along with promoting awareness and the influences of corporations on the media, the film for me also raised some interesting questions about media production for me. I think that another exciting implication of using media in classrooms is going to be a more collaborative minded students. A student would most likely learn a lot about themselves as well as gain a respect by working with students with different talents/tastes to produce a video such as that one.

Yay for week one!


Yay for week one! I love to hear you say that. It's really exciting to have you in our chat group. Even though I've only had my own classroom for just this school year (I subbed long term in a few different locations last year) I still feel as though I sometimes loose my excitement and energy that abounded when I stepped into the classroom my first day of student teaching.
I encourage you to keep track in one place a list of these teaching ideas or "tools". Part way through my masters classes I thought to keep a list in the back of my notebook all of the little details that I wanted to remember. I added to the list (lists) as I subbed last year. I've encorportated many of the ideas that I learned from other teachers into my own classroom. Simple little organizational tricks are what really save you when you set up your first classroom.

Just thought I would throw that out there. We can talk more on tuesday night.