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Blog Prompt #1

Andy Goldsworthy focused his ideas about energy and flow through a natural environment. He used only things found in nature to capture his ideas and bring them to life. While nature has its own flow, the city, although manmade, also has a theme of flow and energy.

The idea of giving back to the environment and contributing to nature's cycle that Andy Goldsworthy used when sculpting his ideas is completely opposite of that in the city. Even though the city doesn't contribute to nature, and often times plays an antagonistic role, it has its own sense of a natural cycle.

If the city is looked at as a seperate environment, it has a lot of things in common with nature. It has its own type of transformation. Just as nature changes with the seasons, constant work is being done in the city. From road work to extraction of new buildings to the destroying of old ones, the city is under construction at all times. The sense that there is always something to be done in the city, the persistent hustle and bustle, also relates back to a natural environment. The one-way flow of rivers and streams relates back to the city also. With one-way roads binding the city, it is similar to the rivers and streams connecting the oceans and lakes.

The entire landscape, although some parts may differ, works in uniform. The city mirrors nature in a seperate, but similar way. The idea of all things having a way of creating their own energy and flow is a way to look at the world through movement.