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Blog Prompt #2

One of the biggest design issues I've been personally affected by here in the Twin Cities is the set-up of the city. The paths of the roads have no set pattern throughout the cities and therefore have made it extremely difficult to navigate. As i become more and more familiar with the area it becomes easier to map out routes and directions, but it has been a serious challenge for me.

In one somewhat comical instance i was lost in the city for over 3 hours. Of course it was not long after i had received my drivers license and i had no prior knoledge of the city, but it was a traumatic experience nonetheless.

The road set-up does not help the driver. With one major highway that loops around the city, there are a mere few entrances and exits to and and from the downtown areas. The names of the streets are also no help to drivers. Some have numbers while others have names, but they're not alphabetized or in any predictable order.

The ability to change this in any way is near impossible. Changing the road locations and/or names is completely out of the question. I think that the city is beautiful, but its an intimidating place. The only way to avoid confusion in the city is to study it before attempting to navigate it.