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Blog Prompt #4: Free to be...

School has always been a restricting force in my life. My older sister set the bar high for me, and my parents have always expected more than 100% in my school performance. It was never a question of whether or not to go to college, but rather which four-year college I wanted to attend. This prompt was difficult for me to process, seeing as my life has revolved around school.

The college environment has been something very different than anything else I've ever experienced. Most of the time I like things to be clear and straightforward. So far, college has been like walking through a fog; hazy and uncomfortable. An unsure feeling has stayed with me since my first day at the University of Minnesota. Close to all of my classes have been extremely vague, which is difficult for me. Theory classes have never been my strong suit.

Last semester, Architecure 1281: Design Fundamentals 1, was mostly project oriented. Going through the entire process of having an idea to materializing that idea is an amazing feeling. Ever since I was young I have been interested in the project aspect of things. From crocheting blankest to sewing purses to designing and putting together my own outfits, I have always had a love for bringing my thoughts to life. Even without the restrictions of school and the architecture program, I would still want to use this creativity in my everyday life.

If school, and money for that matter, wasn't a factor I think I might like teaching. Possibly an elementary school art teacher. The idea of projects is still there and the opportunity to work with children who, for the most part, aren't yet affected by the restrictions of the world would be something that I could find daily enjoyment in. Being able to express myself, as well as help young people express themselves, would be rewarding. Seeing as I haven't yet picked my major I might want to rethink architecture, but well see what happens.