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Blog Prompt #6: Designing AIDS... ?

Honestly I have no idea how to approach this task. I'll do my best...

I mean most blogs seem vague to me but this one takes the cake.

My understanding of the objective of the Millenium project itself is not good, but that'll have to be taken on another time.

When I think presentation and documentation my mind automatically jumps to either a paper or a power point presentation. I suppose these are pretty common responses. One different idea I had for the project was to focus on the education aspect of disease. Many people don't clearly understand AIDS as an illness. To incorporate a a design aspect, and assuming the word 'design' includes an extremely broad spectrum of things, I thought about designing an educational program with activities, visuals, and discussion to further educate those who don't know much about AIDS.

The program itself can be used as the presentation. If I were to present my idea to a group of people, I wouldn't want to talk about my ideas, but rather give them the experience of completing the program itself. Documentation would be included in the visuals and and handouts or writing used. This class could be especially beneficial for areas where AIDS poses an urgent threat, like in Africa. With the help of volunteers a program like this could be implemented across the world.