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Blog Prompt #5: Who I Am

Before I can really dig into this prompt I have to answer one thing: Who am I? The complexity of this question sends my mind spiraling into an abyss. I know things that I like (sun bathing, clear night skies)
bp5 1.jpg

bp5 2.jpg

and things that I dislike (being controlled, messiness, inability to be openminded)
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But what do these simple things say about who I actually am?

I like things to be comfortable and relaxing like sunbathing. Familiarity and feeling at ease in a place can really affect how open I am as a person. In the built environment, hard surfaces and sharp angles in a seemingly cold space cause me to close up.

The feeling of being in awe inspires me. Like looking at the stars, looking at a majestic and/or finely detailed piece of architecture makes me want to push myself to be creative in similar ways. Phenomena come into play in this instance. Great pieces of architecture are systems full of different related pieces performing different purposes at certain times.

Free will is important to me. I like to have a sense of control about life. The idea that everything im life is predetermined and predictable takes away its excitement. The built environment is similar. Pieces without predictable patterns or shapes have a more interesting and stimulating theme. They reflect my desire for adventure and excitement.

Organization has always been important to me. Messiness and clutter clouds my mind and makes it hard for me to focus. Simple design without clutter is ideal for me. It helps me stay calm and think clearly.