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Blog Prompt #8: Masters of Presentation

I thought most of the presentations in my discussion went fairly well. The honors presentations were elaborate ant very well put together. The first honors presentation really blew me away. When in comparison to the presentations in my section, it went above and beyond the requirements. They spoke clearly and loud and held my attention. They broke down global development issues into three main groups, which was helpful. It made the problem easier to understand and to target those important ideas. The fact that they had a $100 computer to look at really added to their presentation. It's a tangible way to show how someone is going about solving the problem of poor school quality and making communication cheap and available to people worldwide. Their analysis of each portion of the problem and its possible solutions was clear and in depth. I thought their final product was an extremely well put together presentation.

One of the projects in my discussion addressed the empowerment of women in Africa. This has always been a touchy subject for me. I love women and all, being one myself, but I feel like people approach this issue in an extreme manner. It turns me away from accepting their ideas because they present them in a way that seems radical and unrealistic. Setting aside the fact that the issue itself isn't one of my favorites, the presentation could've used a little more work. It seemed somewhat unorganized, like they were jumping from issue to issue without a logical order. They also tried to incorporate personal stories into their project. The stories seemed short and impersonal though. I think it would've made them much more effective if they were more in depth, if you could really put yourself in their shoes and feel what the experience was like for them. Other than that I though their presentation went smoothly.

It was interesting for me to see how different each group approached their goal. I am a little bit confused though. It seemed as if each group was searching for the solution to their problem, and after talking with Jeff I felt like the project was asking us to take a different approach. It was my impression that we were supposed to analyze our research and make connections to our goal in order to find some way in which the problem is not being addressed, to find that which was missing. In our group we used a personal approach to see that individual needs need to be expressed and met. It felt important to me to look at it from the eyes of the individual, not from statistical numbers.