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When looking at attribution I referenced an article from Reuters.
In this article, attribution is mainly focused on the words of Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, the American hikers who were recently released from their imprisonment in Iran. In the 2nd paragraph, the author introduces information about the length of imprisonment and the amount posted for bail and does so without giving an attribution.
Most of the attributed material is quoted from the hikers, while the other supplied information is not attributed. This leads me to wonder where the information was gathered from. The flow of the story is generally easy to follow in regard to the attribution because the quotes are done in larger blocks. The supplemental information is used to change from one speaker to the next.

Women's Suffrage Becomes Reality in Saudi Arabia

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King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia announced today that women would be permitted to vote and run in 2015 elections, according to Abdullah al-Shihri and Hamza Hendawi of the Associated Press.
The news is a promising step for women's rights in the country, where women are still forbidden to drive, reported Caryle Murphy of BBC.
The move was possibly prompted as a response to upheaval and reform elsewhere in the region, and may be an attempt to increase stability in Saudi Arabia, according to BBC.

Proposed Legislation Leads to Nude Procession

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A recently proposed piece of legislation to place restrictions on public nudity in San Francisco is facing some resistance, reported Malia Wollan of the New York Times.
The legislation would require people to cover up in restaurants and place a barrier down before sitting in a public place, according to Fox News.
A showing of regular nudists and sympathizers protested the restrictions by utilizing their right to be nude in public and carrying signs, despite the chill, reported the Times.

Jerry Kill at Mayo Clinic to Seek Treatment for Seizures

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Coach Jerry Kill checked into the Mayo Clinic Sunday for further evaluation of his seizure condition, reported Brian Bennett of ESPN.
Coach Kill told the Minnesota daily that he had about 20 seizures in the six days following his Sept. 10 collapse.
It is uncertain when he will return to coaching and the Gophers are still uncertain as to who will run the team in Kill's absence, according to ESPN.

Kaler Inaugurated as 16th U of M President

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Dr. Eric Kaler was inaugurated Thursday as the University of Minnesota's new president where he stressed the importance of the well-being of the university, as reported by the Minnesota Daily.
Kaler has been acting as president since the beginning of the summer and is determined to make serious advancements in the quality of education at the university, according to Chris Williams of the Star Tribune.
Gov. Mark Dayton was in attendance at the ceremony and showed his support for Kaler as well as asking for the support of the rest of the community, according to Greta Kaul of the Minnesota Daily.

Greenland Ice Not as Elusive as Times Atlas Claims

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News Corporation has made yet another mistake by publishing what climatologists say is misleading information about Greenland's ice and glaciers, as reported by BBC News.
The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, which is owned and operated by News Corporation, recently published their newest edition claiming that 15 percent of Greenland's ice has melted in the past 12 years, reported the New York Times.
According to the New York Times, although the ice is melting, it is at a rate closer to one-tenth of 1 percent. Climate scientists fear that publishing this mistake through a supposedly credible source will provide even more fodder for those that are skeptical of global warming.


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In this article from The New York Times, the lead is used as a way to set the stage prior to the occurrence of the newsworthy events.
This lead gives the reader a brief biography of Kweku Adoboli. It supplies information about his educational background and the job he has acquired since his graduation. What the lead fails to do is supply any of the new information or tell the reader why this is important.
The authors are using this type of lead to lull the reader into making assumptions about the subject of the article. They give a positive description of Adoboli before going on to describe the charges he is facing along with the severe repercussions of his alleged actions.
The authors are almost relying on the headline to give the reader a hint toward the outcome of the story.

One week after collapsing during Minnesota's loss to New Mexico, Coach Jerry Kill saw his first win as the Gopher's head coach, according to Adam Richard of the Minnesota Daily.
Coach Kill going without incident during the game was a relief to Gopher fans, reported ESPN.
MarQueis Gray ran for a record 171 yards as he led the Gophers to a 29-23 win over Miami, Ohio.

Cloud 9 Condo Fraud, Two More Indicted

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Two more employees of St. Paul developer Jerry Trooien have been indicted in the mortgage fraud case against Cloud 9 Sky Flats, according to John Welbes of the Pioneer Press.
Garet Clark Wright, 32, of Rosemount and Joseph Steven Meyer, 46, of Eagan are being charged, along with three others, for a scheme to get $14 million dollars from mortgage lenders, according to Jackie Crosby of the Star Tribune.
Trooien has not been charged and has denied accusations that he was involved.

Control Over BWCA Fire Improves

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The fight against the fire in Ely, Minn. was helped by the light rain of the weekend, according to Josephine Marcotty of the Star Tribune.
The fire had been raging for a month before starting to shows signs of improvement. The Pioneer Press reports that the fire was 8 percent contained as of Friday.
The rain is expected to help prevent more grasses and leave from catching on fire, despite strong gusts of wind from the weekend.

Flight Data Discovered from Air-Race Crash

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The recent discovery of flight data and a possible video recording from the plane that crashed during a Reno, Nev. air race will prove helpful for the accident investigation, reported Jesse McKinley of The New York Times.
The small aircraft led to the deaths of nine people, and close to 70 more were injured, according to the CNN Wire Staff.
The discovered device contains data such as latitude, longitude, and oil levels of the aircraft at the time of the crash.

Palestininian President, Appeal to U.N. Security Council

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The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, will appear before the United Nations Security Council to appeal for the membership of a Palestinian state, according to Ethan Bronner of The New York Times.
The United States has vowed to veto the bid that it sees as unilateral. President Abbas said that his plan will allow for negotiations with Israel once Palestine is a recognized state.
According to Joe Lauria of the Wall Street Journal, appealing to the Security Council poses a significant threat to the Palestinian bid. Lauria said that an appeal to the General Assembly for status as an observer-state would encounter fewer obstacles and still be symbolic for the Palestinian cause.

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