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Yemeni Air Base Under Fire

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Sana International Airport in Yemen was hit by shells on Sunday as fights in the area escalated, reported the New York Times.
Voice of America reports that there were no immediate reports of casualties.
The Times also reports that Yemeni officials say that there was no damage to any of the structures.

Packers Defeat Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings gave the undefeated Green Bay Packers some unexpected competition before losing Sunday 33-27, reported CBSSports.com.
Christian Ponder of the Vikings had his first start Sunday, but was unable to upset the Packers, according to Channel3000.com.
CBS also reported that Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns and 335 passing yards in the victory.

Minneapolis City Attorney Suggests "Pole Tax"

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Minneapolis' city attorney calls for a tax on local strip clubs to fund the fight against juvenile sexual exploitation, according to the Star Tribune.
City Attorney Susan Segal's proposal would put extra taxes on venues that offer nude or partially nude entertainment as a way to fund the expensive efforts of police to curb juvenile sexual exploitation, reported KTTC.com.
The City Council is scheduled to discuss the issue next month, according to KTTC.com.

3 Injured in St. Paul Shooting

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Three people were injured Saturday afternoon during a shooting in St. Paul, reported KARE 11.
According the Star Tribune, the St. Paul police are searching for a suspect and no arrests have been made.
The shooting occurred on the 1300 block of Jessie Street, and none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening, reports the Star Tribune.

Earthquake in Turkey Kills 89 People

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A powerful earthquake struck in eastern Turkey Sunday killing 89 people and injuring hundreds more, reported the New York Times.
As reported by the Associated Press, the 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Ercis, a city of about 75,000 people near the Iranian border.
The Times also reported that the death toll was expected to rise.

Herman Cain adds Tea Party anthem to his campaign

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The song, I am America, by Krista Branch has become part of Herman Cain's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, as reported by the New York Times.
The song has become the official song of Cain's campaign, reported The Examiner.
The New York Times also reports that the song originated as part of the Tea Party movement.

Multimedia Analysis

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I decided to take a look at the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal when comparing the use of multimedia options in journalism. What I found was that the two outlets were very similar in their multimedia usage.
The two mainly use video and photo-slideshows. Both outlets use slideshows. The Times more often uses slideshows to stand on their own and be feature pieces related to travel and other frivolous activity. The Journal uses slideshows more in to accompany articles that could require some visual stimulation, such as reviews of products and cultural events.
Both organizations tend to be very traditional and use multimedia sparingly when presenting hard news. They more often present softer news with less serious writing along with the video and slideshow stories.The writing tends to be more anecdotal and is less focused on traditional conveyance of fact or inverted pyramid style.

Preservation Funding goes to Basilica of St. Mary's

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The basilica, after winner 19 percent of the vote in a Facebook poll, will receive its full grant request of $110,000, according to American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation and reported by the Pioneer Press.
The church beat out 24 other historic sites in the Facebook poll and restoration projects will begin in February, according to the Star Tribune.
Other projects in need will be awarded and additional $890,000 on Nov. 9, reported the Star Tribune.

Oil in North Dakota Likely to Pass California

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The recent increase in oil production in North Dakota will likely lead the state to pass California as the third biggest oil-producing state, said a government regulator and reported by the Associated Press.
The Star Tribune reports that the increase in oil production has lead to an economic boom that is turning into 16,435 job openings, according to the most recent numbers from the state.
The Star Tribune also reports a $1 billion budget surplus in North Dakota.

Dan Wheldon Dies in 15-Car Crash

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Dan Wheldon, winner of the Indianapolis 500 died Sunday in a 15-car Indycar crash during the Las Vegas 300, according to CBS News.
The New York Times reported that Wheldon's car went airborne during the crash in the 12th lap of the race.
Wheldon, 33, is the first to die in an Indycar Series since 2006 when Paul Dana was killed in a warm-up session before a race in Homestead, Fla., according to the Times.

Kenyan Troops Enter Somalia

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Hundreds of Kenyan troops entered Somalia Sunday in response to the Shabab militant group, reports the New York Times.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the top Kenyan defense officials said the Kenya is rightfully defending itself against kidnappings within its borders.
The Journal also reported that Somali government forces are aiding the Kenyans.

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, Dies at 56

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Steve Jobs died Wednesday of complications from pancreatic cancer, he was 56-years-old, reports the New York Times.
Jobs was the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, according to the Washington Post.
The Times reported that he had been publicly battling pancreatic cancer for some time.

Recent Change in Weather Helps Fight Forest Fire

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The Northland News Center reported Rriday that strong winds and dry weather have been making the fight against the forest fire in Ely, Minn. more challenging.
However, Sunday brings a report from the Associated Press that shows promise for the region as the weather is cool and wet.
Fire restrictions still remain in effect throughout the state, according to the Associated Press.

Minneapolis Economic Protests Continue

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OccupyMN, an event designed to mirror others around the country in protesting economic inequalities was in its third day Sunday, reported the Star Tribune.
The Pioneer Press reports that according to sheriff's officials, no arrests had been made and no trouble had been reported.
The protest is in line with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, according to the Pioneer Press.

California Inmates Transferred from State Prisons

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The responsibility for thousands of inmates is being shifted from state to country authorities after an order issued by the US Supreme Court, reports the Asian Journal Press.
The state of California has been ordered to decrease its inmate population by 11,000 over the next three months, and 34,000 over the next two years, according to the New York Times.
As reported by the Times, the court order is in response to overcrowding and poor conditions in California prisons.

Three men were arrested by Indonesian police Saturday who were wanted for allegedly plotting suicide attacks, according to the Associated Press.
One of the men is wanted on suspicion of plotting a suicide bombing that occurred in April, reports the New York Times.
The other two men were arrested for having links to the attacks as police confiscated suspicious materials from one of their homes, according to the Times.


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In analyzing structure I looked an an article from the Associated Press.
This article presents a basic inverted pyramid structure. The journalist starts by stating the basic important information in the lead and following paragraph. each following paragraph adds an additional piece of information that provides the reader with more information.
The reporter does an interesting job of setting the scene involving the intense conflict in the area that goes along with the recent establishment of the national council. The reporter could have done things differently by making the story more linear and not juxtaposing the two lines of information into one inverted pyramid. However, this version works well.

Philippines Battered by Second Typhoon

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Over one week, two typhoons have hit the northern Philippines, reports the Associated Press.
So far thousands have evacuated and at least 55 people are reported dead, according to USA Today.
Winds were reported as reaching 99 mph, with a sustained speed of 81 mph.

Death in Coon Rapids Deemed Suspicious

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The death of a 33-year-old woman from Coon Rapids is suspicious, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to the Star Tribune, authorities were called Saturday soon after 9 a.m. to the 11400 block of Olive Street NW.
Both papers report that no arrests have been made.

ADT Settles with family of Murder Victim

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The murder of a Washington County woman five years ago will result in a substantial settlement from ADT.
The victim's four children will receive enough money to provide for them for the rest of their lives, reported the Star Tribune.
As reported by the Pioneer Press, the suit against ADT claimed that the security system did not provide the level of protection that the victim was told it would offer.

Drone Kills al-Awlaki Sparks Debate

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After a drone was deemed responsible for killing Anwar al-Awlaki, of Al Qaeda, the debate on their use in the war on terror has been revived.
The New York Times reports that the use of drones is an important step forward in terms of cost efficiency and precision.
On the other side of the debate, CNN reports that the drones present a frightening way to assassinate people that the president deems dangerous.

Wall Street Protests Draw a Crowd

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The number and variety of people attending the Occupy Wall Street protests is growing rapidly since they started on Sept. 17.
The New York Times reported Sunday that lieutenants, captains and inspectors, otherwise known as "white shirts" are beginning to make arrests as the NYPD wants to approach the situation strategically.
Meanwhile, the streets are also filling up with tourists as the increase in arrests continues to draw attention to the movement, according to the Financial Times.

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