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Utah Mayor Used Alias to Counter Crime News

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Mayor Mike Winder of of West Valley City, Utah has just revealed that he has been writing positive stories to promote his community with an alias, reported CBS News.
Winder was writing under the name of Richard Burwash, which belongs to a real person he found on the internet, reports the New York Times.
He was unapologetic with his admission, although his use of an alias came under scrutiny from the editors of the papers he published articles with, reported CBS News.

A Russian Soyuz rocket is scheduled to take off from Kazakhstan on Monday morning with two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut, reported the New York Times.
The trip will send the three astronauts to replace the current staff of the space station, which is set to return to Earth later this month, according to Reuters
Reuters also reports that the launch is following a series of failures in the Russian space project although the safety concerns do not seem to bother the crew.

Hunter Dies in St. Louis County

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A hunter died of a fall from his deer stand on Saturday, reported the Associated Press.
Arthur Joseph Knafla, 84, accidentally caught his clothing on fire while trying to light a propane heater, according to the Star Tribune.
The Associated Press also reported that this was the second fatality on Saturday.

Islamist Attacks in Nigeria Kill 150

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Sky News reported that at least 150 people were killed in coordinated attacks in Nigeria.
The group responsible for the attacks is Boko Haram, reported the Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal also reported that the group bombed churches and mosques as well as several government buildings.

Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma

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On Saturday and Sunday earthquakes rattled the area northeast of Oklahoma City, reported the New York Times.
One of the weekend's earthquakes was the strongest in the state's history, according the LA Times.
The New York times reported that there were more than 23 earthquakes over the weekend.

Obituary Analysis

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In a New York Times obituary of Dr. John F. Burke, the author starts with a nontraditional lead. Rather than follow standard format, the author chooses to focus on the notable achievement of Dr. Burke. He then follows the non traditional lead with a traditional paragraph explaining the cause of death with an attribution and the rest of the obituary follows the traditional format.
The lead works in this case because it is emotionally compelling. By describing the number of lives that Dr. Burke impacted with his invention it makes the reader interested in the impact of this man's life right away.
The obituary differs from a resume because it allows for a more detailed view of the person's life in a few key areas. A resume tends to give a very disconnected overview of accomplishments without giving a reader a glimpse into the life and character of the subject.
This obituary uses sources that include the subjects wife, his colleague, and quotes from the subject.

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