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A Russian Soyuz rocket is scheduled to take off from Kazakhstan on Monday morning with two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut, reported the New York Times.
The trip will send the three astronauts to replace the current staff of the space station, which is set to return to Earth later this month, according to Reuters
Reuters also reports that the launch is following a series of failures in the Russian space project although the safety concerns do not seem to bother the crew.

Islamist Attacks in Nigeria Kill 150

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Sky News reported that at least 150 people were killed in coordinated attacks in Nigeria.
The group responsible for the attacks is Boko Haram, reported the Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal also reported that the group bombed churches and mosques as well as several government buildings.

Yemeni Air Base Under Fire

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Sana International Airport in Yemen was hit by shells on Sunday as fights in the area escalated, reported the New York Times.
Voice of America reports that there were no immediate reports of casualties.
The Times also reports that Yemeni officials say that there was no damage to any of the structures.

Earthquake in Turkey Kills 89 People

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A powerful earthquake struck in eastern Turkey Sunday killing 89 people and injuring hundreds more, reported the New York Times.
As reported by the Associated Press, the 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Ercis, a city of about 75,000 people near the Iranian border.
The Times also reported that the death toll was expected to rise.

Kenyan Troops Enter Somalia

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Hundreds of Kenyan troops entered Somalia Sunday in response to the Shabab militant group, reports the New York Times.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the top Kenyan defense officials said the Kenya is rightfully defending itself against kidnappings within its borders.
The Journal also reported that Somali government forces are aiding the Kenyans.

Three men were arrested by Indonesian police Saturday who were wanted for allegedly plotting suicide attacks, according to the Associated Press.
One of the men is wanted on suspicion of plotting a suicide bombing that occurred in April, reports the New York Times.
The other two men were arrested for having links to the attacks as police confiscated suspicious materials from one of their homes, according to the Times.

Drone Kills al-Awlaki Sparks Debate

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After a drone was deemed responsible for killing Anwar al-Awlaki, of Al Qaeda, the debate on their use in the war on terror has been revived.
The New York Times reports that the use of drones is an important step forward in terms of cost efficiency and precision.
On the other side of the debate, CNN reports that the drones present a frightening way to assassinate people that the president deems dangerous.

Greenland Ice Not as Elusive as Times Atlas Claims

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News Corporation has made yet another mistake by publishing what climatologists say is misleading information about Greenland's ice and glaciers, as reported by BBC News.
The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, which is owned and operated by News Corporation, recently published their newest edition claiming that 15 percent of Greenland's ice has melted in the past 12 years, reported the New York Times.
According to the New York Times, although the ice is melting, it is at a rate closer to one-tenth of 1 percent. Climate scientists fear that publishing this mistake through a supposedly credible source will provide even more fodder for those that are skeptical of global warming.

Palestininian President, Appeal to U.N. Security Council

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The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, will appear before the United Nations Security Council to appeal for the membership of a Palestinian state, according to Ethan Bronner of The New York Times.
The United States has vowed to veto the bid that it sees as unilateral. President Abbas said that his plan will allow for negotiations with Israel once Palestine is a recognized state.
According to Joe Lauria of the Wall Street Journal, appealing to the Security Council poses a significant threat to the Palestinian bid. Lauria said that an appeal to the General Assembly for status as an observer-state would encounter fewer obstacles and still be symbolic for the Palestinian cause.

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