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Utah Mayor Used Alias to Counter Crime News

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Mayor Mike Winder of of West Valley City, Utah has just revealed that he has been writing positive stories to promote his community with an alias, reported CBS News.
Winder was writing under the name of Richard Burwash, which belongs to a real person he found on the internet, reports the New York Times.
He was unapologetic with his admission, although his use of an alias came under scrutiny from the editors of the papers he published articles with, reported CBS News.

Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma

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On Saturday and Sunday earthquakes rattled the area northeast of Oklahoma City, reported the New York Times.
One of the weekend's earthquakes was the strongest in the state's history, according the LA Times.
The New York times reported that there were more than 23 earthquakes over the weekend.

Dan Wheldon Dies in 15-Car Crash

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Dan Wheldon, winner of the Indianapolis 500 died Sunday in a 15-car Indycar crash during the Las Vegas 300, according to CBS News.
The New York Times reported that Wheldon's car went airborne during the crash in the 12th lap of the race.
Wheldon, 33, is the first to die in an Indycar Series since 2006 when Paul Dana was killed in a warm-up session before a race in Homestead, Fla., according to the Times.

California Inmates Transferred from State Prisons

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The responsibility for thousands of inmates is being shifted from state to country authorities after an order issued by the US Supreme Court, reports the Asian Journal Press.
The state of California has been ordered to decrease its inmate population by 11,000 over the next three months, and 34,000 over the next two years, according to the New York Times.
As reported by the Times, the court order is in response to overcrowding and poor conditions in California prisons.

Wall Street Protests Draw a Crowd

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The number and variety of people attending the Occupy Wall Street protests is growing rapidly since they started on Sept. 17.
The New York Times reported Sunday that lieutenants, captains and inspectors, otherwise known as "white shirts" are beginning to make arrests as the NYPD wants to approach the situation strategically.
Meanwhile, the streets are also filling up with tourists as the increase in arrests continues to draw attention to the movement, according to the Financial Times.

Proposed Legislation Leads to Nude Procession

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A recently proposed piece of legislation to place restrictions on public nudity in San Francisco is facing some resistance, reported Malia Wollan of the New York Times.
The legislation would require people to cover up in restaurants and place a barrier down before sitting in a public place, according to Fox News.
A showing of regular nudists and sympathizers protested the restrictions by utilizing their right to be nude in public and carrying signs, despite the chill, reported the Times.

Flight Data Discovered from Air-Race Crash

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The recent discovery of flight data and a possible video recording from the plane that crashed during a Reno, Nev. air race will prove helpful for the accident investigation, reported Jesse McKinley of The New York Times.
The small aircraft led to the deaths of nine people, and close to 70 more were injured, according to the CNN Wire Staff.
The discovered device contains data such as latitude, longitude, and oil levels of the aircraft at the time of the crash.

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