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Packers Defeat Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings gave the undefeated Green Bay Packers some unexpected competition before losing Sunday 33-27, reported
Christian Ponder of the Vikings had his first start Sunday, but was unable to upset the Packers, according to
CBS also reported that Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns and 335 passing yards in the victory.

Herman Cain adds Tea Party anthem to his campaign

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The song, I am America, by Krista Branch has become part of Herman Cain's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, as reported by the New York Times.
The song has become the official song of Cain's campaign, reported The Examiner.
The New York Times also reports that the song originated as part of the Tea Party movement.

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, Dies at 56

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Steve Jobs died Wednesday of complications from pancreatic cancer, he was 56-years-old, reports the New York Times.
Jobs was the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, according to the Washington Post.
The Times reported that he had been publicly battling pancreatic cancer for some time.

Philippines Battered by Second Typhoon

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Over one week, two typhoons have hit the northern Philippines, reports the Associated Press.
So far thousands have evacuated and at least 55 people are reported dead, according to USA Today.
Winds were reported as reaching 99 mph, with a sustained speed of 81 mph.

Women's Suffrage Becomes Reality in Saudi Arabia

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King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia announced today that women would be permitted to vote and run in 2015 elections, according to Abdullah al-Shihri and Hamza Hendawi of the Associated Press.
The news is a promising step for women's rights in the country, where women are still forbidden to drive, reported Caryle Murphy of BBC.
The move was possibly prompted as a response to upheaval and reform elsewhere in the region, and may be an attempt to increase stability in Saudi Arabia, according to BBC.

One week after collapsing during Minnesota's loss to New Mexico, Coach Jerry Kill saw his first win as the Gopher's head coach, according to Adam Richard of the Minnesota Daily.
Coach Kill going without incident during the game was a relief to Gopher fans, reported ESPN.
MarQueis Gray ran for a record 171 yards as he led the Gophers to a 29-23 win over Miami, Ohio.

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