September 16, 2004

i just left somebody a message

Today's entry is dedicated to Socrates, champion of virtue.

I just left somebody a message
When I got back from class tonight I found a brief e-mail from Shasha saying that she sent me a longer e-mail (which I didn't receive) and also her cell phone number, which I just tried calling. I got a recording of a british-sounding woman telling me that the person I'm trying to contact is unavailable and that I can leave a message after the beep. After the beep I left a short and sweet message for Shasha (I kept it clean in case it's not her voicemail). I hope she gets it. It was a nice surprise to find her words, but I really want to hear her voice even if it's only, "I can't hear you, what? what? I can't hear you, try calling me again."

Posted by rufx0006 at September 16, 2004 10:19 PM