September 21, 2004

We Women Won!

Today's entry is dedicated to 123.5 lbs. that I weighed in at last night (I was 116 when I returned from Beijing).

Open-Minded(ness) and What I Did In Classes Today
Open-Minded(ness) was, I feel, the best characteristic of a wise person that I offered in Philosophy discussion...

Fun With Smoke-Detectors and Tacos
I went over to my friend Michelle's place last night for some food and fun...

Today's entry is dedicated to

Open-Minded(ness) and What I Did In Classes Today
That was, I feel, the best characteristic of a wise-person that I offered in Philosophy discussion. Considering it's an 8:00 class, I was a little surprised to find myself engaging myself in the discussion.

Perception class was as fascinating as always, we continued exploring olfaction which is a pretty interesting sense, when you consider that a familiar smell can recall for us some pretty vivid associated memories, but trying to remember or create a mental "image" of a smell seems impossible. I started thinking about the way Shasha smells, and of course I remember that it's a unique smell, but I couldn't find any words to describe it. Thinking about those odors did lead me to recall times when I smelled those impossible-to-describe smells. :)

Remember watching movies in class? Well I watched an old Nova (PBS, anyone know what I'm talking about?) on Sigmund Freud with a couple hundred other Personality Psych students. The video quality was awful, but it was interesting and the fact that there will be test questions based on the video kept me busy taking notes. Did you know that Freud used cocaine? Now you do. There was even audio of Freud commenting on Psychoanalysis. He's got a voice like that ludwig-or-something duck that was on those educational Disney videos that dealt with science, music, etc.

Fun With Smoke-Detectors and Tacos
I went over to my friend Michelle's place last night for some food and fun. When I arrived one of the Mikes was working on some hamburger for tacos and the other was standing on a chair using a broom to push the button on the smoke detector that was going off for apparently no reason other than to create an interesting entry for me. Michelle went to track down someone to deal with it and while she was out, the Mikes threw the breaker switch off to shut up the alarm. Michelle came back with a C.A. (Community Advisor) who overstayed his visit by repeating what he said at the beginning over and over again with different words. I was getting very anxious and was just about to say something when he finally left. Just so you know, the other people in the room also thought that he was hanging out way more than was necessary. I'm running out of blog writing time, so I'll say that I put my little rice ball cursor set on Michelle's computer, ate tacos, played Battle of the Sexes (The 2 Mikes formed the men's team, Michelle and I were the women [I played a damned good women, too. Just because I knew what mach three and mpg means, doesn't mean that I was out of character; I did plenty of bitching at the guys and ate chocolates when we answered incorrectly, etc.], afterwards Michelle took a shower (unannounced) and so the Mikes and I played a round of Scrabble (that broom-wielding Mike cleaned up, while the other Mike and I were close in scores that were all over 100), watched Law & Order: SVU (without captions that block people's faces, thanks Michelle!), and I ate a chocolate chip/chunk cookie that Michelle baked last night. Time's up, gotta run!

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