September 24, 2004

Zongsuan, Xingqi Wu Dao Le

Today's entry is dedicated to the second free The Onion that I've received in return for walking from point A to point B on campus.

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In philosophy class, the guy who looks like that mole from Danger Mouse who always speaks up with something irrelevant to say and says it loudly and clearly asked the prof. if we could end the lecture and focus on the paper the prof.'s preparing for a convention in California early next year. Dumb questions exist, despite the common belief that the contrary is true. It's just that socially-adjusted students keep those irrelevant, counterproductive thoughts and queries inside their heads or express at some other time than in the middle of class. Four of my six classes contain an exception to the rule, an asker of dumb questions. At worst they waste a minute or two of everybody's time, at best they make us laugh. In summary, today I didn't laugh.

After my Philosophy class, I usually go hang-out in front of the classroom for my next class and work on Chinese exercises or read. Well today, I met two people while just doing what I usually do. The first guy, Olzhas, actually asked me if I was working on Chinese on Wednesday, but today he saw me again when I was in the bathroom getting tissue for my runny nose. And then he came and sat down next to me and offered me a doughnut, twice, which I politely refused. That's how I met Olzhas (Kazakh name), the PSEO student studying poli. sci. who's hobby is drafting. He is interested in finding some Kazakhstani students, and uses the U's people search to search for the equivalent of Kazakhstan's "Jones'" "Smiths'". Since he's only got one lead so far, I guess that there aren't many Kazakhstani students here at the U, or that they don't have very common names.

The second person I met is David, whose parents fled from Iran in the 70s. I told him that I had just finished reading about Persepolis and he told me about a current situation involving a house that his grandfather owned in Iran which his family's relatives have been residing in for some time. He is interested in going to Iran someday, but until he can grow a full beard and learns to communicate in Farsi, he feels that it's not very safe for him to travel there. The other interesting thing I learned about David is that he's majoring in Food Science. It may sound like a simple subject, but it's scope is quite grand. Food science includes aspects of biology, law, health, marketing, and more. Just think about every aspect related to food that you can and you'll start to understand what all is involved in Food Science. Turns out he's in that class that I wait for and in the row in front of us I saw that really fun girl from my social psych class, I think her name is Melanie, because I think I remember it was something like Melody.

Michelle treated to me to Perry Pizza's lunch special to pay me back for Annie's last Friday. The slices are huge and I wolfed down both a pepperoni and a sausage slice in addition to the breadstick and pink lemonade included in the speacial. Michelle only managed 1 and 1/4 slices and was quite impressed that I finished every last crumb. Skinny guys can eat; we don't have a lot of fat pressing against our stomachs, and so our stomachs can expand to allow for even two huge slices of Perry's Pizza. I'm not trying to brag, I was stuffed after I finished eating and it's going on 5:00 now and I am still feeling sated. I guess I'm like a snake and after consuming a large meal I can go many hours before eating again.

During lunch we talked about the winter break trip to Washington (state) and I suggested that we could give Mike #1 gifts of money towards a plane ticket for Christmas. (Mike #1 wants to go, but doesn't know if he can afford it.) Michelle thought it's a great idea and said she'd bring it up with Mike later.

Before my last class of the day I listened to a crazy guy named Jeb preaching about how we're all going to hell and how he used to get it on with Margaret in the back of his father's 1957 Cheverolet Bel Air. When I first arrived, there was a crowd of ~ 100 students creating a ring around him with about 10 or 12 feet between them and him. But the crowd crept toward him in spurts and when I left he was on the receiving end of a big group hug of students who he had just told are going to hell.

One more piece to the story is that, before he found god, Jeb lost about half his brain in an accident. Shocking!

After class I went to Wilson to get those articles that I need to write my second paper of the semester. When I went to get my articles copied, guess who's voice I hear? Yep, none other than good, old copy center Mike, otherwise known as Mike #1. He copied only the pages that I requested in an efficient and professional manor. He should be given a raise as soon as possible. If you are responsible for how soon he receives a raise and you are reading this, stop whatever you are doing and do whatever it takes to see to it that copy center Mike W. gets a raise of no less than $0.25 per hour.

I leave for M.G. in one and one half hours. I'll keep myself busy until then playing with pixels and rocking out to a variety of music I like.

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