Assignment #7


Pugh Chart
So this week, we decide on the final product. To help my decision, I developed the following Pugh chart using Snow Darts as the benchmarker.

Pugh Chart.jpg

Final Product
Using the Pugh chart above and reflecting on earlier research, I chose to further develop the attachable sled idea. The idea also takes into account the positive aspects of the fold-able sled as it can be taken apart for flexibility in storage. My idea for this is to market it as a "build your own sled". Users would be able to try different configurations.
The name I came up with for this idea is "Build a Sled". I went with the direct route.

Elevator Pitch
Here is the elevator pitch I have developed for this product. Feedback more than welcome.

Assignment #6


Is It Marketable?
To explore marketability, I created a simple survey (my first!) via SurveyMonkey and posted it on facebook. The survey explains the product with words and a sketch, asks if you would purchase the product (yes or no), and how much you would pay (open answer).

Feel free to check it out: Part 1 and Part 2
It's in two parts since I did not feel like upgrading for $200. (eeek!)

Overall 22 people took this survey. Four products had a higher percentage of 'No' and one product was split down the center receiving 50% yes and 50% no. And five products had a higher percentage of 'yes'.

Survey screen shot.JPG

The Top Five (and prices)

1. Snow Roller
1. Snow Roller.jpg

2. Compression Snow Shooter
2. compression snow shooter.jpg

3. Snow Darts
3. snow darts.jpg

4. Attachable Sleds
4. attachable sleds.jpg

5. Fold-able Sleds
5. foldable sled.jpg

Is It Novel?

Bench Marking to Similar Products and Patents
1. Snow Roller
Patent for Snowball Maker: Two Semi-spherical cups contain and compress snow to form snowball.
Patent for snow shoveling and cart: includes scoop with reinforced edge and temporarily holds collected material.

2. Compression Snow Shooter
Patent for snowball forming and launching device: this device gathers snow, compacts it, and launches it (although not using compression like my design).

3. Snow Darts
Patent for body of a dart: the patent describes a specific body design for a dart
Patent for a process for painting snow: coloring agent combined with gelling agent and applied via spray or squirt gun.

4. Attachable Sleds
Patent for a sled: describes a generic sled, but does not discuss attach-ability.

5. Fold-able Sled
Patent for collapsable snow sled: two piece sled that can be folded.

Is It Feasible?
All of the following costs for products are estimated using ABS plastic.

1. Snow Roller
The biggest concern for the snow roller is making it work. I do not know exactly how the snowballs would form and roll onto the device. The retail cost would be approximately $40. Here is the breakdown:
Bulk Material: $2
Cost of Labor: $2
Manufacturing Cost: $4
Wholesale Price: $8 -$12
Retail Price: $20 - $36

2. Compression Snow Shooter
The concern for this idea is figuring out the mechanism for shooting the snow. The estimated cost is $40. The cost breakdown is:
Bulk material cost: $4
Cost of Labor: $4
Manufacturing Cost: $8
Wholesale Price: $16 - $24
Retail Price: $40 - $72

3. Snow Darts
Cost is a main concern for this one, especially considering that the product won't last forever (color will be used up). The retail cost estimate is approximately $10.
Bulk Material cost: $1
Cost of Labor: $1
Manufacturing cost: $2
Wholesale Price: $4 - $6
Retail Price: $10 - $18

4. Attachable Sleds
The concern for this design is making the sled strong enough to be able to resist the pressure of being attached temporarily to another sled and for a low price. The cost estimate is approximately $20.
Bulk Material: $2
Cost of Labor: $2
Manufacturing Cost: $4
Wholesale Price: $8 -$12
Retail Price: $20 - $36

5. Fold-able Sled
The difficult part of this design is engineering the fold-ability yet sustaining the ability to slide smoothly on the surface of snow. The retail cost estimate is approximately$30. The breakdown:
Bulk material cost: $3
Cost of Labor: $3
Manufacturing Cost: $6
Wholesale Price: $12 - $18
Retail Price: $30 - $54

for the 5 ideas determine what is going to the biggest concern (making it work? cost?)
and do a rough (manufacturing) cost assessment for each idea.
do not eliminate any of the 5 ideas, we are only collecting data

Assignment #5


The SCAMPER Technique

1. Substitute
Any Terrain Sled: Substitute the bottom of a sled for the track of a snowmobile.
any terrain.jpg

2. Combine
Bird Sled: The wings of a bird have been combined with a sled. Open the wings to sled down, move the wings back to speed up (less wind resistance).
bird sled.jpg

3. Adapt
Detachable Sled: The idea of connecting legos together has been adapted to the detachable sled.
detachable sled.jpg

4. Magnify/ Modify
Rocket Sled: Speed has been magnified with the addition of rockets to the sled.
rocket sled.jpg

5. Put to Other Use
Portable Bed Sled: Sled during the day and sleep at night!
Sleeper Sled.jpg

6. Eliminate
Foldable Sled: Eliminate the space needed to store this sled.
Foldable Sled.jpg

7. Reverse/ Rearrange
Enchilada/ Taco Sled: Rearrange the way you interact with your sled!
Enchilada Sled.jpg

The Morphological Analysis

1. Table of Functional Requirements
Morphological Matrix.jpg

2. The Lounge Sled: Why should sledding be uncomfortable?
Lounge Sled.jpg

3. Sled Suit: Why carry a sled when you can wear a sled?
Sled Pants.jpg

4. Sleeping Bag Sled: Afraid of falling off your sled? Zip in tight with this sled and sleep your worries away!
Sleeping Bag Sled.jpg

5. Coil Sled: Hate all the storage space a sled takes up? Get a coil sled!
coil sled.jpg

The Practical Products from the Brainstorm

1. Woof Pack: Have your dog carry snowballs for you!
Woof Pack.jpg

2. Snow Roller (AKA Snow Scooper-matic): Roll and transport snowballs simultaneously!
Snow Scooper-matic.jpg

3. Compression Snow Shooter: Pump to pressurize the backpack and shoot off speedy snowballs.
Compression Snow Shooter.jpg

4. Snow Float: Save your lawn from winter fun by floating over your snow on a zip line!
Snow Float.jpg

5. Snow Darts: Make up fun snow games to play with snow darts! Throw them at snow and watch the color bleed out!
Snow Darts.jpg

6. Pressure Push: Throw pressurized snowballs with a simple snow suite attachment!
pressure push.jpg

The Top 10 Ideas (that could be realized as a product)

1. Woof Pack: Have your dog carry snowballs for you!
Woof Pack.jpg

2. Snow Roller (AKA Snow Scooper-matic): Roll and transport snowballs simultaneously!
Snow Scooper-matic.jpg

3. Compression Snow Shooter: Pump to pressurize the backpack and shoot off speedy snowballs.
Compression Snow Shooter.jpg

4. Snow Float: Save your lawn from winter fun by floating over your snow on a zip line!
Snow Float.jpg

5. Snow Darts: Make up fun snow games to play with snow darts! Throw them at snow and watch the color bleed out!
Snow Darts.jpg

6. Pressure Push: Throw pressurized snowballs with a simple snow suite attachment!
pressure push.jpg

7. Detachable Sled: The idea of connecting legos together has been adapted to the detachable sled.
detachable sled.jpg

8. Foldable Sled: Eliminate the space needed to store this sled.
Foldable Sled.jpg

9. Sled Suit: Why carry a sled when you can wear a sled?
Sled Pants.jpg

10. Coil Sled: Hate all the storage space a sled takes up? Get a coil sled!
coil sled.jpg

Assignment #4


The Set Up
To prepare for the brainstorm (which I held at my apartment), I rearranged a bit to have a setup where the participants were in a circle and there was a free wall to post ideas.


My Roommate's Reaction:

The Stormers
Carefully and delicately hand picked
I tried to ask people with different interests and personalities so as to spark different avenues when exploring ideas.

-my roommate
-social work major at Augsburg
-college level swimmer
-really tall
-does not currently participate in snow activities
-happy-go-lucky attitude
-grew up in Minnesota

-agriculture and food business management major at the U
-currently participates in snow activities including sledding on baking pans (which she both does and does not recommend)
-tends to look at things from a different perspective
-has lived in Oklahoma, Illinois, London, and Minnesota

-statistics major at the U
-grew up in a suburb of Chicago
-often does activities resembling improv games
-sometimes plays in snow

-went to school for M.I.S. (computer/business)
-currently works as a business intelligence engineer at NativeX (app company)
-grew up in southern Minnesota
-fellow Ginger
-plays ice hockey sometimes and was in charge of snowplowing family's driveway growing up

The Improv Game
To help them become comfortable with each other and get their creative brain juices flowing, I had them do a few warm-up games. This included ones we learned at HUGE and one that I invented.

Spiderman is great because...
Thumbnail image for 3365504-7421031651-Class.jpg
This game is a conglomeration of clams are great and zip zap zop. The players stand in a circle. The first player says a reason why spiderman is great and then does a motion resembling spiderman shooting his web to choose another player. The chosen player then must say a reason why spiderman is great.

The Brain Nuggets (Ideas)
After everyone was warmed up, I introduced the first question to them. When things got slow, I presented the tricks to spark creativity that we learned in class such as random words, rolestorming, random objects, and negative brainstorming or bad ideas.
Thumbnail image for IMG_3351.JPG

Question 1: How might we carry snowballs more easily?

1. Woof Pack: Your dog carries it for you!
Brain 1.jpg

2. Pipe Shooter: Cooling Carrier Backpack that doubles as a shooting device!

3. Snow Scooper-Matic: Not only carries snowballs, but makes them too!

4. The Wheelchair: Carries you AND your snowballs! Also, shoots off snowballs for you!

5. Hamster Wheel: Have fun carrying your snowballs as you roll to your destination!

Question 2: How might we play in the snow without ruining the grass?

1.Hamster Balls: Save your lawn today! Put your child in a hamster ball!

2.Umbrella Play Area: Thought umbrellas just protected your head from rain? Think again.

3. Air Hockey Snow: Get this new lawn feature and no child's foot will be able to touch your lawn!

4.Rotating Lawn: Worried about your lawn in the winter? Get the rotating lawn and never worry again! It has great summer grass on one side and snow on the other!

5. Bounce: Keep your kids off your lawn in the winter or summer with Bounce! They'll have fun being tethered up and your lawn will thank you!

The Honorable Mentions:

1. 1-800-Snowballs: Need snowball transportation services? Call us up!

2. Snowball Scarf: You'll always be ready to carry snowballs at a moments' notice!

3. Wet Socks: Sick of kids ruining your lawn in the winter? Buy wet socks and your lawn problems will vanish! (see diagram below for details)

The Ratings and Feedback:
After all the ideas were up on the wall, I had them sort and rate the ideas (like we did in class). Blue tape means a new or novel idea and white tape means a good or valuable idea.

Everyone said they had fun, but were also exhausted.
The average IPM was 0.7. They came up with 84 ideas in 30 minutes.
The stormers hands up.jpg

Assignment #3


Playing in the Snow

Since we weren't supposed to interview someone super close to us, I hobbled over to my neighbors' apartment to interview three of the guys that live there. I'm never at my apartment, so I don't know them super duperly well, but I traded their time for a promise of pizza.

These are my neighbors...

image (16).jpeg

And these are the days of their lives...

Interview #1: You're a Spy
Chris (pictured on the left) took a stroll down memory lane. *whirrrling sound of Tardis*
You've been thrown back to the fifth grade and you're Chris for a moment.
You are a spy. Your mission is to sneak into the forts of your enemies and steal their most valued treasure and the currency of this time, the snow ball. This is a middle school wide mission and you must work together with your team to maintain your fort and your gold (snowballs). The snowballs are prized because the teachers don't allow them; they're dangerous! Especially when temperatures rise and drop again creating an icy snow ball. So the forts are built by hand using the pile of snow made by the snow plow clearing the parking lot. You move the snow into a wall-like shape leaving a hole on one side that becomes the interior of the fort. As you scoop and scoop, you notice the wall isn't very pretty. You think to yourself, "if only their was a mold that would hold the snow up until I can pack it tight". Like all communities, arguments break out about who's slacking on their job and treaties are made and broken across snow forts. The weakest forts (2nd graders) are robbed of everything and the best forts have stashes of icy balls of doom.

Scene Change *Click*
Now you're at your friend Jack's house in the country. You're standing at the top of a big hill on which his house rests. The snow is calling out your name so you grab a sled! But instead of climbing aboard and riding it down the hill, you shove it, head first, into the snow. Deep as it can go. Then you maneuver the sled carefully so as to shift the snow from the ground onto your sled. You slide the sled and snow down to the bottom of the hill and repeat the process until you have created a huge pile of snow. Satisfied, you and Jack begin the creation of a wondrous fort. Complete with tunnels. Problems arise when you dig the tunnels and you realize that sometimes the tunnel just caves in and the structure crumbles in places. You try to make the fort thick enough, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Interview #2: You're a Risk Taker
Now, you're Alex (pictured in the center) and you recently injured your right foot although that doesn't matter as you're transported back to your high school days.
You are a risk taker. And you can't get enough of the sound of a muffler.
You check with Dad to make sure your buddies, who are already on their way, are welcome and run out to the garage.
You find a thick rope and two crappy plastic sleds and think, why not.
You tie one end of the rope to the sled and the other to a four wheeler carefully making several knots (you like to be cautious).
Weaving between trees, you and your buddies drive the same path around the yard until you've worn down to the grass. Your parents think to themselves, "oh yea, he'll have fun fixing that in the summer".
You stop, the sled does not. Boom. Sled hits four wheeler. This happens a lot.
You change it up and drive up onto the driveway where it's a bit slicker. Poor Dan is the guinea pig for the change in turf. It's fine until the hitch of the truck gets in the way.
You stick to the normal route after that. After hours of this, the engine overheats, you run out of gas, your hands are frozen along with the rest of your body, and the crappy sleds have broken where the rope attaches.

Interview #3: You're a Clever Thief
You're Eric. You and your fellow rugby players are conniving high school rugby players. It's one or two a.m. and you're bored. So what do you do?
Drive around in your pick up truck. of course.
Find the biggest snowman in town. sure.
Steal it. ok.
And deposit it on the front stoop of some other poor soul's house. yup.
Hilarious, but not easy.
Snowmen aren't made to move. Especially ones that have frozen over and are ginormous. The ice keeps melting and gets slippery as you try to move this snowman.
Pure muscle doesn't work so you impress your high school physics teacher by using the magic of 'leveraging weight'. You use your lucky wooden plank to tilt the cold fellow towards the truck. One rugby guy is in the bed while the other three are at the bottom of the snowmen. All those rugby practices finally paid off and the snowman is in the truck safe and sound. Success!.. after much effort.

Unfortunately, there's no snow. But I have lived in Minnesota for all of my 20 years so I'm pretty familiar with sights of people playing in the snow. To jog my memory, I watched a number of youtube videos.

Screenshot 2013-11-11 00.42.46.png
I watched this canadian man drive his truck in and out of the ditch several times, temporarily getting stuck on the way out repeatedly.

Screenshot 2013-11-11 00.52.38.png
These girls spent their Christmas Eve playing in the snow of Colorado. They went sledding, threw snowballs/ chunks, made snow angels, and ate snow. They were walking around clunkily due to their snow gear and fell off their sleds to the side several times.

Again, no snow. But I have several personal experiences of playing in the snow.
This is me as a child in one of those inflatable snow tubes. (I'm the saddish looking child on the left) I asked my Mom why she had me use this one and she said 'for safety!' I thought this was interesting since she said I would still fall off when going over bumps.

I thought about what Barry said about looking for Design opportunities and reflected again on my past experiences.

Spray Paint. My family has used spray paint to decorate our snowmen in the past. This isn't a picture of our snowman so don't judge me on the quality (although he has quite the stache).

1. Chris is a fifth grader snowball spy looking for a way to increase the number of snowballs he can carry during a mission. Chris is a fort building enthusiast looking for a way to build a structure strong enough to withstand tunnels. Chris is a snow fort enthusiast looking for a way to transport snow efficiently downhill.

2. Alex is a thrill seeker and is looking for a way to easily speed sled for hours with nothing slowing him down. He is a four wheeler/sled trendsetter and is looking for a way to do this without ruining the lawn or breaking sleds.

3. Eric is a snowman lifter and is looking for a way to lift pounds of icy snow with ease. He is a con artist and is looking for a way to move a snowman without suspicion.

Assignment #2


Spark creativity by watching 'Whose Line is it Anyways'. Good Stuff.
Thumbnail image for Screenshot 2013-11-05 12.23.11.png

Mind map centered on the idea of winter. Utilized the 5 senses to lead into other ideas. I found this direction to be somewhat difficult.
image (3).jpeg

Mind Map Try Number 2. I went with the traditional route and it proved successful in producing a greater number of thoughts.

Ideas extruded from mind map. I'm not sure how feasible these ideas are, but they are derived from the mind map.

1. Christmas Tree Dinner
image (1).jpeg

2.Quiet Cookies
image (2).jpeg

3. Glow Chocolate
image (4).jpeg

4. Glow Easy
image (5).jpeg

5. Hat Tricks
image (6).jpeg

6. Dry Express
image (9).jpeg

7. Spikey Grips
image (10).jpeg

Assignment #1


Swimmer's Choice
Nerves. Adrenaline. Heat from muscles contracting.
Warm air. Cool water. Taste of chlorine.
Sweet sensation of being done.
Relaxed exhaustion yet shaky from being so worked up.

This is the feeling of a swimmer at a meet.
Specifically a female college athlete for Augsburg.
*cough cough my roommate*

I faced the challenge of translating this into a cookie.
Before I dive into that, I will describe my process from the

Collage of ideation.png

The Top Choices: *begin drum roll*
1. The Avocado Cookie (a cookie that you would eat like an
avocado - scoop out the soft inside, chocolate pit, etc)
2. The Mortar and Brick Cookie (aesthetics only)
3. The Swimmer Cookie (as described above)

Ideation Notebook005.jpg

The Finalist:
I explored a few different concepts within the swim idea

  • The cookie that mimics the experience
  • The cookie that compliments, rather than mimics, the
  • The cookie that provides proper nutrition

    The Flavors:
    That's as far I got.

    SO. I called my brother.

    He's a foodie. His thoughts:
    Wasabi. Almonds. Butterscotch. Not Chocolate. Vinegar. Mint. Blueberries. Cinnamon. Whole Wheat Flour. Oranges.
    Salt. *woo one point for me*

    Actual Eggs and butter
    So I went to the store and bought everything.
    Plus an overly cautious amount of eggs and butter.

    The Base
    I made a cookie base using "the perfect cookie base"
    recipe found on

    Subtracted vanilla and added new flavors.

    actual individual bowls
    To keep the cautious as a continuing factor,
    I added individual flavors to single cookies.
    This was done to track how a single flavor
    combined with the base dough.

    labeled pan
    The Mix
    At the same time, I did four combination cookies.
    Tasting the ingredients together before adding it.

    1. dried blueberries, mint, sliced almonds crushed
    2. dried blueberries, butterscotch, wasabi sauce
    3. sea salt & vinegar chips, dried blueberries, butterscotch
    4. butterscotch, wasabi sauce, sliced almonds crushed,
    vinegar, extra salt

    cookie sample
    Timing was perfect, as my roommate had invited two
    fellow swimmers over to study.

    happy swimmers
    The Feedback
    So three swimmers I had and three swimmers I used.
    The feedback went surprisingly well.
    #1 tastes like 'we just got here' (1 vote)
    #2 tastes like 'after' (2 votes)
    #3 tastes like 'during' (1 vote)
    #4 tastes like 'right before, but also at the end' (3 votes)

    After I revealed the ingredients, one of the swimmer's said:
    "the blueberry reminds me of when I'm kicking my legs in
    the water, and how I need to kick my own ass to swim faster"

    me with cookies
    just cookies
    The Survivor
    True to it's name, I let the cookie be swimmer's choice so
    number 4 it was.

    makes approximately 27 cookies

    2 cups flour
    1 Tbsp. cornstarch
    1 tsp. baking soda
    5 tsp. salt
    3/4 cup butter
    3/4 cup dark brown sugar
    1/2 cup granulated sugar
    1 egg
    1 cup butterscotch
    3 Tbsp. wasabi sauce
    4.5 Tbsp. vinegar
    1.5 cups sliced almonds, crushed

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    2. Cover baking sheet with non-stick spray. Set aside.
    3. In bowl, mix flour, cornstarch, baking soda, salt. Set aside.
    4. In mixer, cream butter and both sugars on medium speed. Add egg, vinegar and wasabi sauce. Butter until mixed.
    5. Turn mixer to low and add in dry ingredients from step 3 slowly.
    6. Keeping mixer on low, add in butterscotch chips and almonds.
    7. Drop tablespoon sized heaps onto baking sheet and bake for 12 - 15 minutes.
    8. Remove and let cool.
    9. Enjoy!

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