Assignment #2


Spark creativity by watching 'Whose Line is it Anyways'. Good Stuff.
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Mind map centered on the idea of winter. Utilized the 5 senses to lead into other ideas. I found this direction to be somewhat difficult.
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Mind Map Try Number 2. I went with the traditional route and it proved successful in producing a greater number of thoughts.

Ideas extruded from mind map. I'm not sure how feasible these ideas are, but they are derived from the mind map.

1. Christmas Tree Dinner
image (1).jpeg

2.Quiet Cookies
image (2).jpeg

3. Glow Chocolate
image (4).jpeg

4. Glow Easy
image (5).jpeg

5. Hat Tricks
image (6).jpeg

6. Dry Express
image (9).jpeg

7. Spikey Grips
image (10).jpeg


I think that is a good show to spark creativity. It helps a lot with improvising ideas. You had some really creative ideas that may seem impossible to most but I think they can be done, if not now then 60 years from now. Those quiet cookies will come in handy when you have grandchildren. As far as critiques, you only put up five images instead of the 5 and from the ideas you have now i think you can come up with even better ones. Also your mind map was sort of skimpy which could be the reason you only had 5 ideas. Seems like you have a good imagination and if you make a large mind map you will have plenty of ideas.


I think the way you started your mind map is an interesting take on the typical process, it seems like a good way to get you to immediately start thinking all over the board. However, I think a lot more could be done to map everything together, like connecting sub themes from different categories together or expanding further within each theme.

I thought all of your ideas/sketches were hilarious and awesome, and I definitely would have like to see more.


Hi Darien,

I liked that you began by watching “Whose Line is It Anyway?” by making the connection with the field trip to Huge Improv. It was interesting that you started your first mind map off by breaking it down into the 5 senses. That’s a unique approach, but I understand why that may have been difficult for you. I think it’s better to use a mind map to let ideas flow organically, rather than try to categorize them from the start. Your second mind map is more successful, but illustrations and less of an organized theme would have made it better and more pleasing to look at. The images of product ideas could be improved by scanning them and eliminating the background or upping the contrast to give crisp, white and black lines. Some images of previous sketches are visible in the backgrounds and a few corners are blurry. Scanning and editing would likely take care of the majority of these issues, but I appreciate the effort put forth initially to crop the images.

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