Assignment #4


The Set Up
To prepare for the brainstorm (which I held at my apartment), I rearranged a bit to have a setup where the participants were in a circle and there was a free wall to post ideas.


My Roommate's Reaction:

The Stormers
Carefully and delicately hand picked
I tried to ask people with different interests and personalities so as to spark different avenues when exploring ideas.

-my roommate
-social work major at Augsburg
-college level swimmer
-really tall
-does not currently participate in snow activities
-happy-go-lucky attitude
-grew up in Minnesota

-agriculture and food business management major at the U
-currently participates in snow activities including sledding on baking pans (which she both does and does not recommend)
-tends to look at things from a different perspective
-has lived in Oklahoma, Illinois, London, and Minnesota

-statistics major at the U
-grew up in a suburb of Chicago
-often does activities resembling improv games
-sometimes plays in snow

-went to school for M.I.S. (computer/business)
-currently works as a business intelligence engineer at NativeX (app company)
-grew up in southern Minnesota
-fellow Ginger
-plays ice hockey sometimes and was in charge of snowplowing family's driveway growing up

The Improv Game
To help them become comfortable with each other and get their creative brain juices flowing, I had them do a few warm-up games. This included ones we learned at HUGE and one that I invented.

Spiderman is great because...
Thumbnail image for 3365504-7421031651-Class.jpg
This game is a conglomeration of clams are great and zip zap zop. The players stand in a circle. The first player says a reason why spiderman is great and then does a motion resembling spiderman shooting his web to choose another player. The chosen player then must say a reason why spiderman is great.

The Brain Nuggets (Ideas)
After everyone was warmed up, I introduced the first question to them. When things got slow, I presented the tricks to spark creativity that we learned in class such as random words, rolestorming, random objects, and negative brainstorming or bad ideas.
Thumbnail image for IMG_3351.JPG

Question 1: How might we carry snowballs more easily?

1. Woof Pack: Your dog carries it for you!
Brain 1.jpg

2. Pipe Shooter: Cooling Carrier Backpack that doubles as a shooting device!

3. Snow Scooper-Matic: Not only carries snowballs, but makes them too!

4. The Wheelchair: Carries you AND your snowballs! Also, shoots off snowballs for you!

5. Hamster Wheel: Have fun carrying your snowballs as you roll to your destination!

Question 2: How might we play in the snow without ruining the grass?

1.Hamster Balls: Save your lawn today! Put your child in a hamster ball!

2.Umbrella Play Area: Thought umbrellas just protected your head from rain? Think again.

3. Air Hockey Snow: Get this new lawn feature and no child's foot will be able to touch your lawn!

4.Rotating Lawn: Worried about your lawn in the winter? Get the rotating lawn and never worry again! It has great summer grass on one side and snow on the other!

5. Bounce: Keep your kids off your lawn in the winter or summer with Bounce! They'll have fun being tethered up and your lawn will thank you!

The Honorable Mentions:

1. 1-800-Snowballs: Need snowball transportation services? Call us up!

2. Snowball Scarf: You'll always be ready to carry snowballs at a moments' notice!

3. Wet Socks: Sick of kids ruining your lawn in the winter? Buy wet socks and your lawn problems will vanish! (see diagram below for details)

The Ratings and Feedback:
After all the ideas were up on the wall, I had them sort and rate the ideas (like we did in class). Blue tape means a new or novel idea and white tape means a good or valuable idea.

Everyone said they had fun, but were also exhausted.
The average IPM was 0.7. They came up with 84 ideas in 30 minutes.
The stormers hands up.jpg


It was a nice touch to include the preparation of the room into the blog and that you made a presentation too. Impressive. As far as your brainstormers, could you have had a better variety with different ages or a closer male/female ratio? For the presentation part of ideas, the blue and white tape took away from the idea. I would suggest removing it so that views are only looking at the idea not the blue or white square. Another question is why you didn't go for 40 minutes and only 30 instead? When sorting the ideas, you said "like we did in class" does that mean they weren't able to talk either? You did a lovely job of documenting you processes. Nicely done.

Jessica Orr

So I believe I commented on your blog last week by accident, so this week you get me again... Sorry.

on that note, I would first like to say your warm up game is fantastic. Although my group opted out of the warm up game, i think that saved me a little because I was unable to think of anything cool. combine two existing games with a twist, brilliant.

now, to the content. it's good that you got a mix of male and female participants. perhaps 2 and two would have been a better representation, but I had the opposite mix, with 3 males and one woman so I understand that it is often an afterthought and easy to slip one's mind. Your subject matter is something that is of utmost importance in Minnesota winters, especially the first one. I had the same question as Jessica regarding the sorting process. That snag aside your documentation process was very thorough. From what I can see you hit all the key points as were needed for the criteria and did so in a visually engaging way. You paid attention to small details like having " creativity stimulating foods". I particularly liked how you had your brainstorming session "televised" via your laptop. It's a subtle touch that reinforces the authenticity of the experience. I would like to see a wrap up at the end of the blog. I feel it would have helped bring the information full circle. overall very solid entry.

So. I'm impressed. You're blog was not only rich in content but thoroughly entertaining to read. It was cool to see that you really committed to making this activity the real deal. I agree that it would have been nice to see the drawings without the tape, even though it does justify why you've chosen to include these in your top 10. One mystery that is puzzling me is why the colors of your top ideas don't seem to match the bright neon colors of your post-its. Not that I'm complaining, since it does make them easier to read, but it also made it impossible to figure out which idea belonged to which member of your brainstorming session. Add in the names of the brainstormers by their ideas, and it'll be great!

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