Assignment #6


Is It Marketable?
To explore marketability, I created a simple survey (my first!) via SurveyMonkey and posted it on facebook. The survey explains the product with words and a sketch, asks if you would purchase the product (yes or no), and how much you would pay (open answer).

Feel free to check it out: Part 1 and Part 2
It's in two parts since I did not feel like upgrading for $200. (eeek!)

Overall 22 people took this survey. Four products had a higher percentage of 'No' and one product was split down the center receiving 50% yes and 50% no. And five products had a higher percentage of 'yes'.

Survey screen shot.JPG

The Top Five (and prices)

1. Snow Roller
1. Snow Roller.jpg

2. Compression Snow Shooter
2. compression snow shooter.jpg

3. Snow Darts
3. snow darts.jpg

4. Attachable Sleds
4. attachable sleds.jpg

5. Fold-able Sleds
5. foldable sled.jpg

Is It Novel?

Bench Marking to Similar Products and Patents
1. Snow Roller
Patent for Snowball Maker: Two Semi-spherical cups contain and compress snow to form snowball.
Patent for snow shoveling and cart: includes scoop with reinforced edge and temporarily holds collected material.

2. Compression Snow Shooter
Patent for snowball forming and launching device: this device gathers snow, compacts it, and launches it (although not using compression like my design).

3. Snow Darts
Patent for body of a dart: the patent describes a specific body design for a dart
Patent for a process for painting snow: coloring agent combined with gelling agent and applied via spray or squirt gun.

4. Attachable Sleds
Patent for a sled: describes a generic sled, but does not discuss attach-ability.

5. Fold-able Sled
Patent for collapsable snow sled: two piece sled that can be folded.

Is It Feasible?
All of the following costs for products are estimated using ABS plastic.

1. Snow Roller
The biggest concern for the snow roller is making it work. I do not know exactly how the snowballs would form and roll onto the device. The retail cost would be approximately $40. Here is the breakdown:
Bulk Material: $2
Cost of Labor: $2
Manufacturing Cost: $4
Wholesale Price: $8 -$12
Retail Price: $20 - $36

2. Compression Snow Shooter
The concern for this idea is figuring out the mechanism for shooting the snow. The estimated cost is $40. The cost breakdown is:
Bulk material cost: $4
Cost of Labor: $4
Manufacturing Cost: $8
Wholesale Price: $16 - $24
Retail Price: $40 - $72

3. Snow Darts
Cost is a main concern for this one, especially considering that the product won't last forever (color will be used up). The retail cost estimate is approximately $10.
Bulk Material cost: $1
Cost of Labor: $1
Manufacturing cost: $2
Wholesale Price: $4 - $6
Retail Price: $10 - $18

4. Attachable Sleds
The concern for this design is making the sled strong enough to be able to resist the pressure of being attached temporarily to another sled and for a low price. The cost estimate is approximately $20.
Bulk Material: $2
Cost of Labor: $2
Manufacturing Cost: $4
Wholesale Price: $8 -$12
Retail Price: $20 - $36

5. Fold-able Sled
The difficult part of this design is engineering the fold-ability yet sustaining the ability to slide smoothly on the surface of snow. The retail cost estimate is approximately$30. The breakdown:
Bulk material cost: $3
Cost of Labor: $3
Manufacturing Cost: $6
Wholesale Price: $12 - $18
Retail Price: $30 - $54

for the 5 ideas determine what is going to the biggest concern (making it work? cost?)
and do a rough (manufacturing) cost assessment for each idea.
do not eliminate any of the 5 ideas, we are only collecting data


I really liked your feasible section. You did a great job of breaking down the costs for each item.

For the snow roller problem, maybe you could have 5-6 little spherical containers that would fill up with snow. When they were full, the user could press a button/pull a lever on the handle that would compact the snow into tight balls and dump them into the bucket. Kind of like that handle thing that mops have squeeze out all of the water.

Great job on the survey. One piece of feedback would be to ask a few more questions before you get to the "would you pay for this?" biggie. Questions like "do you know someone who would use this product?" are especially important, because maybe your product doesn't appeal to the survey taker, but she knows her little brother would just LOVE this product.

Your survey could have been more in depth. Instead of using survey monkey you could use google drive in the future if you run into the problem of having to split up the survey due to length. I think you could have gotten more out of the survey. Additional comments or a thoughts on the idea section would have been nice as well as asking if they know anyone else who would use the product in case they are not in fact your designated target consumer. Going off of this, a few demographic/personal questions may have been good to determine who your target consumer is!

You did a great job researching similar products. It was really nice that for some ideas you even had multiple patents. It seems as if you have a couple really original ideas. I haven't seen anything like the snow darts or the attachable sled. It was impressive you still made substantial 2x2s for these products due to this. I would have liked to see where the products are sold in your 2x2s and any key features they have.

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