Assignment #7


Pugh Chart
So this week, we decide on the final product. To help my decision, I developed the following Pugh chart using Snow Darts as the benchmarker.

Pugh Chart.jpg

Final Product
Using the Pugh chart above and reflecting on earlier research, I chose to further develop the attachable sled idea. The idea also takes into account the positive aspects of the fold-able sled as it can be taken apart for flexibility in storage. My idea for this is to market it as a "build your own sled". Users would be able to try different configurations.
The name I came up with for this idea is "Build a Sled". I went with the direct route.

Elevator Pitch
Here is the elevator pitch I have developed for this product. Feedback more than welcome.


First off, this is upside down. Fix that, because it is truly odd watching that. Second, you need enthusiasm. Reduce the number of times you say patent. Maybe add something about how the sled can grow with the kid? What sorts of add ons will you offer? See you tomorrow!

Your Pugh chart is so organized and neat it actually made me want to look at it! Scanning in your sketches and using them as headers on the chart was extremely effective. Your video also was straight to the point and it is very evident that you practiced and know your product well! It would be nice to see a sketch or rendering of your idea on your post, however, as picturing a build able sled is a little bit difficult!

Your Pugh Chart is beautiful, just throwing that out there! It's so organized and looks extremely professional, nice job! I liked your pitch although, I thought that it could have been practiced a bit more. I know from personal experience that if I don't practice a lot beforehand, I tend to stumble over my words no matter how well I know what I'm talking about. You only did this a couple times throughout the video, but I did notice it. Other than that, your pitch is extremely well done. You got right to the point and explained your product in about 30 seconds...impressive! Also, when you're giving a pitch, don't be nervous, be excited! Adding just a bit more enthusiasm could have been helpful, although I totally understand that it's super awkward to record yourself giving a pitch to no one. Overall, great job!

Placing your pictures into your header was a great idea and really utilized the space of your blog well. They layout is done well. I think the idea that you went with was a good choice, especially because it seems to be the one with the most potential. It really seems like you could move it in many directions! Your pitch was perfectly on time! A little shakey but the practice seemed to pay off!

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