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Merce Cunningham's "Ocean"

Walker Art Museum’s production of Merce Cunningham’s "Ocean" opened in a rock quarry in Waite Park, Minn. "Ocean" was produced in 1991 with the composer John Cage. The show features 150 musicians with dancers in the middle of the stage. The dancers and the musicians each have a solo and perform their pieces based on a complex series of counts.
This production of "Ocean" is a rare opportunity to see modern dance, especially in a rock quarry.
There is great anticipation for the piece to be shown. This is the second time the entire show has been produced.
“I do think people will look back in 10 or 20 or 50 years and say 'Were you at 'Ocean' in the quarry when Merce Cunningham made that work in Minnesota?? said by Phillip Bither in the MPR article “Dance hits rock bottom with unique setting of 'Ocean' by Euan Kerr .
In the Star tribune article Quarry awash with slow-motion ‘Ocean’. Some audience members also expressed their disliked for the performance. "I mostly hated it," she said. "Although I must say the last time I saw him, it was beautiful.?
Looking though readers comments, the reporter did not have an understanding of modern dance or a Merce Cunningham dance background.
One reader’s comment said the Thursdays show was the worst and suggested that the reporter should have gone on a different date.