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Republican Ad causing problems

Democrats want Norm Coleman to pay millions for not following campaign ad requirements.
According to campaign ad requirements, Norm Coleman’s disclosure in the ad should be "four seconds long". In the original, the disclosure is only three seconds long.
Al Franken said in the MPR article, Opponent, Coleman broke disclosure rules, “People make mistakes, and the point is to own your mistake and then pay your consequences.?
The Independent Party also agrees with Al Franken that Coleman needs to have a consequence.
Coleman has since corrected his ad and states "We're not getting any feedback from any TV stations or anything or from anybody else. That's simply one of the nitty gritty of politics with somebody saying, 'Oh look, it should have four seconds instead of two-point-five.' But the law is -- the intent is pretty clear."
No decision has been made by the Federal Communication Commission about the complaint and Coleman has moved on.