February 6, 2005

this just in, ______

I usually love to listen to the news: CNN, NBC with Brian Williams, the Daily show... especially on the radio.
But late at night on 91.1fm they play the bbc and tonight it's been particularly downer-esque.
Yeah, the world's fucked up, yes i prefer honesty to sugar coating, but goodness it would be nice to get some good news peppered into the bad stuff, just to maintain that thin thread of hope a-flutter.


I've occasionally talked with my buddy Frank about the plusses of being a dictator for the world, or at least for the US. Straighten up their priorities and tell the world to shut the hell up and figure out their problems on their own. They don't like American dominance in the world, well step up you fucking whiney bitches and give us reason to not view the rest of you as 2nd world fakers.

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Sideways i live:::::vertically i fall

Started out fine today.. Slept in (10-ish am), and took my time getting going. Thought it over last night and asked if my brother wanted to go to see AHC tonight. That didn't happen because we didn't plan soon enough in advance to get tickets, organize transport, etc.. But ahc is from Minnesota and they will more than likely be back.

So instead, we opted for movie and a meal. Were supposed to go see I heart huckabees, but ended up turning to soon and went to the crossroads theatre near rosedale and saw the movie sideways. it is a good movie, not quite great, but real good. Jack is a 16 year old, hormonal boy trapped in a middle-aged man's body, and Simon is a chronically depressed middle-ager who hasn't gotten over his divorce from 2 years ago. I think you'd do well in seeing it, but once is enough.

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February 5, 2005

last night was the night that Andy and his groomsmen (including myself) got fitted for tuxes for his wedding. Went smoothly, was at a place at Northtown. Easy to get to, thanks in great part to Luke living close by and giving me a ride.
We're getting black vests, no tails. Which is too bad. I like tails on tuxes.

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February 2, 2005

Musical chairs, and the wildthings that inhabit them

I'm a typically, cheerful person to most people that i enjoy socializing with, but i'm a real hard ass to others.

When it comes down to it, there are not many people i wanna spend great deals of time with. This may also be a large reason why i'm picky with friends...

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February 1, 2005

All comes crawling up

Will look to post more here, unless security should become an issue

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