June 27, 2005

Food Porn

In food porn this was like seeing food that look really good but you can not have it just because it's has restictions. Some of the problems with getting the food is the cost of it, the tools that you need to make it, finding the right preperation to make it. In all food porn is something you see and you want it but you can not have it. I think the biggest problem with making these things is trying to find and pay for ingrediants. most food porn is in televison shows or magazine. In the televison shows they target most rich and upper class people just by the things that they use. In the magazine they show you things that you have no way of making because there are usually no recipes and just a picture of some good food.

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The sources that are used in this book took some time to gather and complete this book. there are alot of hands on sources that are in this book and by what i mean by hands on is that he went and did the work he interviewed people personally not by the phone or having a secertary has questions they answer them he went and got dirty. One of the more informing information that i have read so far was the your trusted friends chapter when he put alot of his sources in that chapter. I think when you do a book like this and you want it to be successful you have to have sources that will reienforce you so that the people can know that you have some information that is true and they can use.

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June 22, 2005

mmmmmmmmm fries

The author in fast food nation was trying to make a point that these fries and food from fast food's are not normal because they are addctive. I dont think they will ever tell the truth because thier is some thing that make's people want to eat it and its not like its one or two people its in the millions and billions. Whe he was talking about how the make thier fries it is kind of intresting because you eat fries when you get done with them you have pieces of meat in your mouth and that could explain the meat that it is cooked in. I think that the author offer's good information but its like the reader is eating fries and reading the book it's just that americans really dont vaule thier health. In candy freak this man seemed to have alot of experience with chocolate. I want to this guy if i ever had a chance is what is the most expensive chocolate that he has ever ate and how manytimes does he eat chocolate a day and does he ever get burned out of choclate

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June 21, 2005

world hunger and poverty

World Hungry and Poverty is a problem and it can be sovled or we can have a soultion for it. i Think the united states can help with the problem because every year americans waste millions of dollars in food. I have never felt hungry or have had to be in poverty but i am pretty sure that i wouldnt want to be in that situation. In myth 3 they talk about there is too many people for food to go around, how is that when we ca go shopping everyday and there is food getting cooked everyday and all day.

In myth 6 they talk about that we need more farms and i think that we do but you can have more farms if companies are offering the farmers more money then they have ever seen just to buy thier land so that they can build on it

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June 16, 2005

The farmer's market

In class we read a differant variety of differant farmers store's and markets we had to read the mother of all markets. It was a markets who had a chain of markets in rochester N.Y. where there is about 65 store and it is family ran and i think that some of it's upsides is that they do things differant than other markets as far as the cooking goes and things like that. Some of the down sides is that they say thier food is fresh but it's not as fresh as the other markets. In this markets this where you go to find things that you dont find at normal markets the have things like truffles and special mushrooms that you can not find at normal store so i think this markets will be around for a while.

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June 15, 2005

"Hey Mon"

In barbeque, jamaican style i was in tune what the reader was talking about ust because when my grandmother fixes barbeque it's like a whole differant world to eating that because there are so many steps and how the taste has you turned up side down and turn's you into extacsy. i think that barbeque is the best atseting food just cause it takes time to cook this food and that you can not rush into it.

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June 14, 2005

tuesday's blog

In the readings of ode to an egg and lets be frank this authors seemed like they needed to be in a house on a hill with the crazy people the way they had talked about food and how they were deep into thier food. I think these authors had to take time and think about what they really wanted to say and the point that they were trying to get acrossed to thier readers. I think that the questions that i would have for them is how do they really feel when they eat these things and how often do they eat these things. When i was reading this piece in thought about the foods that i really like to eat now and when i was a kid and i could not find some thing like what they were telling the readers.

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June 13, 2005

My food Id

1. My favorite food is when my grandmother cooks everytime it really doesnt matter what she cooks but all her food is good a couple of times they have tricked me into eating rabbit or some kind of wild game by telling me its chicken but when i taste it, its so good you can not even get mad but i would have to say is that i love her steak and yellow rice every time i come home or my grandmother wants to cook for me she knows that i love her steak and yellow rice no matter when i will eat it. I think my least favorite of food is any kind of seafood and that because i had a bad encounter with sea food.

2.My favorite place on a friday night would be a place like applebee's or fridays just because of the chocies that you can pick from just a whoe bunch of things that you can order what ever kind of mood that you are you can choose from a place like that menu.

3.For thanksgiving every year my family enjoys the cooking of my grandmother and she usually cooks the same routine dinner that consist of turkey ham that melts in your mouth macaroni and cheese some wild game stuffing and whole mess of other things that people bring or whatever she decides to cook.

4.i have a lot of unusal things but i would have to say that the unusal things to me is the things that did not taste as good i think the things that are good to me that i have ate is aligator and turtle but the ones that i didnt like is bear.

5. I think that am a good cook no one has never told me my food was nasty and living in apartment with three other people they always ask me to cook i feel that i learned from the best so i know how to cook very well.

6. since i have been in college i have ate out most of the time just because i dont have the time or energy to cook so when ever i get a chance to eat a home cook meal i try to but most of the time i dont.

7. my grandmother does most of the cooking, she does about 95% of the cooking in the house and she will not eat anybody esle's cooking.

8.Back home in ohio most of the food i eat is fresh and comes from the market or some where, where they get fresh food.

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