June 22, 2005

mmmmmmmmm fries

The author in fast food nation was trying to make a point that these fries and food from fast food's are not normal because they are addctive. I dont think they will ever tell the truth because thier is some thing that make's people want to eat it and its not like its one or two people its in the millions and billions. Whe he was talking about how the make thier fries it is kind of intresting because you eat fries when you get done with them you have pieces of meat in your mouth and that could explain the meat that it is cooked in. I think that the author offer's good information but its like the reader is eating fries and reading the book it's just that americans really dont vaule thier health. In candy freak this man seemed to have alot of experience with chocolate. I want to this guy if i ever had a chance is what is the most expensive chocolate that he has ever ate and how manytimes does he eat chocolate a day and does he ever get burned out of choclate

Posted by russe231 at June 22, 2005 8:13 PM