Leadership: Week 8

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Week 7 Definition: Leadership is about finding strengths and developing them within yourself and those around you, and then understanding what each contributor has to offer. Successful leaders also have the technical skills required for the task and have a feedback process for their members. These leaders are also able to step back and see the bigger picture, while still working towards completing their goals in a playful, yet professional manner that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Week 8 Definition: Leadership is the process of finding strengths and abilities within a group of people to successfully complete a common task. The leader of a successful group is able to facilitate the group to collaborate creatively and efficiently in a playful manner, while still maintaining a vision for the group to work towards.

I like this definition because it doesn't really focus on any one aspect of leadership, but rather is an overview of what I feel that leadership should be. This is what a definition should look like anyways. It doesn't focus on any readings in particular. Instead I took bits and pieces from each one and let these parts influence my definition rather than create it.

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