Google Wave

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As we become enveloped in the Google Wave and we roll into full production we should try to get momentum and excite everybody who transitions early. If we can invite them to chat sessions and encourage them to video chat, if they have it available, we will be able to answer their questions quickly and getting them used to the new system without the frustration of having to go back and forth for an answer. They will then become comfortable enough with Google to encourage others to join and will want to show them the cool features that Google is offering. I would like to make sure we are all aware of what is available and maybe share what you have found interesting. Please leave a note or comment on a few of the hidden features that you would like others to use.

Google Project Team

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The first meeting of the Google Migration project team will kick off this Friday.

Keep an eye out for updates and timelines for the Google Migration.

Upcoming Transitions

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Hello from network\server land! I just want to test out creating an entry on our new IT Ops Blog by passing on some information on two important transitions that are happening this week.

First, on Wednesday morning we will be migrating our SHOP application to the new VMWare world. If all goes well (and it will) this means we get to decommission two more servers from our server closet. SHOP and ECGATEWAY get to go bye-bye! The new web server that will be hosted on is EXT-WEBEXT-PROD. Also, three databases that serve the shop application will be moved to EXT-DB-PROD. Finally, the ecgateway service will now run on EXT-ECG-PROD. I think this will go smooth and be a huge win toward centralizing and streamlining our server infrastructure.

Second, on Wednesday evening we will be migrating the Center for 4-H folks to central DHCP. This will affect only those folks that reside in 270 McNamamara. This will be a huge win for those folks. This will remove the issues of duplicate IP Addresses and remove their need to maintain static IP's on their PC's. They will also have the added security peace of mind by being behind our FWSM firewall.

Please be mindful of these changes and if you get questions about things not working for the shop application or for connectivity problems in 270 MacNamara don't hesitate to give me or Bob a call and see if we can help determine if it is related to these changes.



Plus & Delta

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Please let me know what you liked or did not like about the team meeting.

This will allow us to build on what works and change what doesn't.




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We have been running with Google Mail in IT Ops for a while.

The entire Extension organization will not move to Google until after the State Fair.

The big question is going to be, do we keep Outlook and continue to support two email solutions?

Outlook and the Google web interface?

What do you think?

Windows 7

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It's a coming!

The image is being ironed out and discussions for training are underway!

Keep your eyes open for more!