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Please let me know what you liked or did not like about the team meeting.

This will allow us to build on what works and change what doesn't.




I liked that we kept to the agenda and time frame, maybe next time we can follow a meeting that has food and eat thier leftovers!

I knew that food would enter into the comments. And I had a suspicion it would be from you.

Good meeting. Kept on track and in the time allotted. Remember to send me agenda items at least one day prior to meeting. I'll be emailing all to find a date/time.

I like short meetings that are to the point.Did you know that you can change your profile like I did so it doesn't read my X500 id when I leave a message? Ha!

Cool. I changed mine also, added a picture too. Pretty cool stuff

I agree with keeping an agenda and sticking to the timeframe. I support bringing treats, however if you see me eating any then I am failing my larger goal. I vote for coffee and bran flakes.

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