Analysis: CAR

Three years worth of data and research had to have gone into "Little done to deter violations of Clean Air Act," article.

The found that very little improvements have been made in Indiana in over 200 facilities to stop polluting air.

The problems have been ongoing since 2007 which means the report had to have looked a numerous past records and logs in order to see the steps taken by the government.

The analyst found that 210 of the 1.206 facilities violation the Clean Air Act at least once in the past three years. And two-thirds have violated the act since last December. This involved the reporter crunching some numbers as well.

The reporter had to do a great deal of background checking with the copious amount of facilities that broke the act. The reporter had to keep an eye out for violations and broken codes the facilities breeched.

Checking up on the policies and standards for the Environmental Protection Agency was also necessary for the report to know. As well as the background of the Clean Air Act.

The reporter must have been familiar with the databases of many facilities as well as knowledge on where to locate accurate information about the background to the reporting. Being able to find a trust worthy Web site to gather basic information is crucial to the basis of the reporting for this article.

Iran Fires Five Missiles in a Weapon Test

An Iran television station announced on Sunday it fired locally-made missiles, Fox News said.

The five missiles fired were ground-to-sea and sea-to-sea missiles in the Persian Gulf, CNN said.

High-speed boat activities were also used on Sunday in waging a war against a warship, CNN said.

The exercise were meant to show Iran's military strength, Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, deputy chief of the Revolutionary Guard told the media, CNN said.

The war games began Thursday, begun by Iran's Revolutionary Guard, causes tension in the region, Fox News said.

CNN said the U.S. Military will be closely watching Iran's Missile development.

Oil Leak Continues in Gulf Of Mexico

A 42,000-gallon-a-day oil leak is polluting the Gulf Of Mexico, and efforts to try and stop it are continuing, ABC News said.

Oil was discovered leaking from drilling of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on Saturday. The rig exploded on Tuesday after drilling in a well, ABC News said.

Fresh oil was leaking from two places, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry. But the clean up was pushed back due to high seas on Saturday, CNN said.

In order to compensate, authorities told CNN they approved a plan that uses submersible remote-operated vehicles in an effort to activate a "blowout preventer" on the sea floor.

"A blowout preventer is a large valve at the top of a well. Activating it will stop the flow of oil," a Coast Guard member told CNN.

Officials told CNN about 1,143 barrels, or 48,000 gallons, of oily water have been collected. However, the spill may take months to clean up.

Killer Tornado Hits Mississippi

A deadly tornado hit central Mississippi over the weekend, killing at least 10 people, injuring more and ruining hundreds of houses, CNN said

The tornado was almost a mile wide and affected 12 counties, CNN said. Of the hardest hit were Yazoo and Choctaw.

The tornado had 160 mph winds and covered around 50 miles, MSNBC said.

Gov. Haley Barbour told MSNBC, "The tornado was enormous." Barbour grew up in Yazoo County.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency deployed 80 Mississippi National Guard troops, including 50 military police in Choctaw County, CNN said.

Five of the deaths occurred in Choctaw Country, which included a baby and two children, CNN said.

Man Attacked By Two Pit bulls

A Minneapolis man was attacked by two pit bulls on Friday, Fox 9 News said.

Eugene Dickerson said he was walking along 1600 block of Morgan Avenue North in Minneapolis when he passed by the two pit bulls, WCCO said.

The two pit bulls were in a neighbors front yard when one bit through its leash. The dogs attacked Dickerson, Fox News said.

Dickerson said he tried to ward off the dogs with his cane but he fell to the ground. One of the dogs took a large bite out of his leg, WCCO said.

The owners told Fox 9 News Dickerson must have provoked the dogs."If you are waving a cane and actually hit a dog, I probably would have bitten him too," Shalisa Jones.

The police brought the dogs to the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Shelter and will most likely be put down, Fox 9 News said.

6 dead after car crash; alcohol could be a factor

Six people died in a head-on car crash on Sunday morning near Cambridge, The Star Tribune said.

Four teenagers died in the car with a 16-year-old driver. She had gotten her license less than three weeks ago, KSTP said.

Police said alcohol may have been involved in the car with the 16-year-old driver, The Star Tribune said.

The car collided with an SUV. The two in the SUV died and were not identified by police, KSTP said.

The 16-year-old driver from Isanti, was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center in serious condition, The Star Tribune said.

Police have not determined which vehicle crossed the median to cause the crash. The crash in still under investigation and being reenacted, KSTP said.

Pope Meets With Abuse Victims

The Pope met and sympathized with clerical abuse victims on Sunday, MSNBC said.

He expressed he felt 'shame,' for what they had been through, CNN said, and he hopes the abusers will serve justice.

A victim told CNN, that the meeting was emotional. The pope met with eight men. They came forward earlier this year and said they were abused by Catholic priests when they were children.

The Pope's meeting in Malta, will have marked the first time he had met with the victims of the abuse since the scandal that took place earlier this year, MSNBC said.

The meeting lasted 20 minutes and took place in the chapel of the papal embassy in Malta, CNN said.

The 94% Catholic Malta has been greatly affected by the abuse scandal. One of the men attributed his abuse to the murder he committed of a homosexual man in 1991, CNN said.

Before the meeting, the Pope had previously met with tens of thousands a people to celebrate a mass on Friday. He mentioned nothing to his colleagues about the abuse scandal, MSNBC said.

Air May Be Clear for Flights in EU Soon

EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas told CNN and Fox News that air traffic may be able to go back to 50 percent of normal traffic on Sunday. However, the weather must cooperate.

The Iceland volcano, forced millions of travelers to be stranded after it exploded on Wednesday, Fox News said.

"It is clear that this is not sustainable," Kallas said."We cannot just wait until this ash cloud dissipates," said Fox News.

The British government announced its space will be closed at least another 24 hours, CNN said. While, Fox News reported Germany temporarily allowed some flights to leave in cities such as; Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Erfurt and Leipzig and some from Frankfurt and Hahn airports.

But these airports closed Sunday, Fox News said.

Airlines have lost around $200 million a day according to the International Air Transportation, CNN said. By Sunday that would result in about a $1 billion loss for the EU airline industry.

British Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said airlines won't do anything until they know the air is safe to fly. "Urgent discussions are taking place with European and international regulatory agencies. We want to be able to resume flights as soon as possible, but safety remains my paramount concern," Adonis told CNN.

Airlines Won't Charge for Carry-ons

Five major airlines vowed not to charge for carry-on luggag, Sen. Charles Schumer told CNN.

American Airlines,Delta Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines and US Airways told Schumer, D-New York, they would not charge, CNN said.

The scare that airlines would charge for carry-ons follows from Spirit Airlines announcing they would charge passengers $45 to store their carry-ons in overhead bins. Fox News said.

Schumer told CNN, "In the last week we have gained tremendous momentum in our effort to keep carry-on bags free. We have begun to put the brakes on runaway and out-of-control airline fees. I am pleased some of the major carriers have responded to our efforts and have agreed not to charge for something that has always been free."

Other senators support legislation, which would tax airlines if they placed a fee for carry-on luggage. The senators include Schumer, New Hampshire's Jeanne Shaheen, Maryland's Ben Cardin, Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar, and New Jersey's Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, Fox News said.

The total for U.S carriers in the third quarter was $1.95 billion. This number comes at 36 percent higher than from a year earlier, Fox News said.

Airlines have been struggling with rising prices of oil and cancelations from this past winters snow storms, Fox News said.

Analysts say they expect for airlines to gain some money back with summer travel, Fox News said.

Injured Officer Identified in Woodbury

The name of the injured officer in Thursday's fatal shooting was released on Saturday, the Star Tribune said.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released the name of the officer as Sgt. Omar Maklad, 27, KSTP said.

Maklad was treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul for serious, but not life-threatening injuries, the Star Tribune said.

According to the release, Maklad responded to a domestic disturbance on Thursday night. The call involved a male who was pushing his wife. Maklad exited his car and was shot by the owner of the house, Timoth Scott Hanson, 55, KSTP said.

Maklad has worked with the department since 2001. He spent two years as a community service officer before becoming a full-time office, the Star Tribune said.