Analysis: Iraq explosions shatter Shiite areas, target security forces following al-Qaida prison break

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By Libby Ryan

The New York Times article on the Iraq explosions Sunday was taken from the Associated Press and was an in depth report on the events.

The author started off with an informative and detailed lead. The second paragraph repeated most information that was included in the lead but also brought in some of the main ideas that would be addressed later in the article.

The next several paragraphs are statements from experts and key figures in Iraq, serving as fact blocks and inserting some opinions while the article remains impartial.

This is an effective layout because it allows the reader to grasp the most important facts in the first few paragraphs of the article. After the author states the quotes, there is background information on other attacks in the area which is a good place for readers to either stop reading or appreciate the in depth information.

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