Marriage Amendment is largest fundraising constitutional amendment on record in Minnesota

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By Libby Ryan

More than $7 million this year has been raised by both sides of the Minnesota amendment to the constitution on the issue of same-sex marriage, making the amendment the most fundraised constitutional amendment in Minnesota history.

Minnesota for Marriage, the group working to pass the amendment, has raised nearly $1.2 million since the beginning of the year, said MinnPost. Minnesota United for All Families, the group working to defeat the amendment, has raised $5.96 million this year.

There is less of a difference in the funds each side of the issue has kept for the six weeks left until the election. The groups supporting the amendment have $483,000 set aside while the opposition has $751,000 saved.

However, groups supporting same sex marriage bans have been outspent in most of states where the issue reached a vote, but have yet to lose an election, said the Star Tribune.

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