Syrian plane bombs gas station

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Syrian plane bombs gas station

By Libby Ryan

At least 30 people died Thursday when a Syrian warplane dropped explosives on a gas station in northern Syria.

Between 30 and 50 people were killed and dozens more were wounded in the explosion at the petrol station near the Syrian/ Turkish border, according to the Washington Post.

Unverified footage online shows charred vehicles and debris scattered around the area as well as a video with a man denouncing the Syrian president as he surveys the aftermath of the attack.

Violent clashes between the Syrian government and rebel forces have continued since the Free Syrian Army gained control of the nearby Tal al-Abyad border post, said the BBC.

"It's a massacre," Salar al-Kurdi, a reporter with the opposition Shaam News Network said. "Their only fault is that the Free Syrian Army dominated this region and liberated it."

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