Violent protests in Greece end brief eurozone calm

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By Libby Ryan
Dozens were arrested in Greece Wednesday in a strike against planned spending cuts equal to over $14 billion that turned violent.

Rioters at the strike in Athens near Syntagma Square threw gas bombs and pieces of stone at police, who retaliated with tear gas, said the BBC.

There were over 60,000 protesters, the largest protest against austerity in Greece in six months, according to the Associated Press. The demonstrations were part of a 24-hour general strike called for by two of Greece's most powerful unions to protest the new spending cuts and raised taxes.

The protests shattered the illusion of calm Europe had been enjoying for the past month after European Central Bank announced earlier this month it would buy unlimited amounts of government bonds to help countries with their debts, said the AP. Greece needs to receive the next installment of its international bailout but with record unemployment and poverty levels, people are resistant to government solutions of slashed salaries and pensions and raised taxes.

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