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Minneapolis appoints first gay police chief

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The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to appoint a new police chief, the first lesbian woman to serve in the position.

JaneƩ Harteau previously served as the assistant chief of police in Minneapolis and is the first woman and openly gay person to be appointed to the position, according to the Star Tribune.

Mayor R.T. Rybak praised Harteau for her "willingness to step forward for what is absolutely the toughest job in the city", said

Minnetonka Principal issues dress code warning

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Spandex leggings are becoming a distraction to students, said Minnetonka principal.

Principal Dave Adney of Minnetonka High School sent an email to parents asking them to talk to their children about current fashion trends and modesty.

Students once chose to pair tight fitting leggings with long tops that covered their hips but increasingly this season, shirts are being worn shorter, said the Pioneer Press.

The Minnetonka students handbook bans clothing that is disruptive, offensive or inappropriate and principals said that each year there are trends that become concerns for the administration, according to the Star Tribune.

Adney said earlier this month, "Cover your butts up -- I'm just going to say it straight up. We're seeing too much."

Mayor RT Rybak's mom crowd surfs after election

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Mayor RT Rybak and his mother ended election night with crowd surfing from the stage in a ballroom filled with people.

On Tuesday night, after President Obama was re-elected, Lorraine Rybak jumped into the arms of the crowd before her son joined her, said the Star Tribune.

The mayor's mother said before the election that if Obama won she wanted to crowd surf after her son said he was too old to repeat his stunt. She said if she was not too old, he was not, according to MinnPost.

Lumberjack Days promoter charged with theft

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By Libby Ryan

A promoter of Lumberjack Days festival in Stillwater was charged with 10 felonies on Friday.

David W. Eckberg, 61, was charged with five counts of issuance of a dishonored check and five counts of theft by check after a year-long investigation by local law enforcement and prosecutors, according to the Star Tribune.

The bad checks totaled $54,859, according to criminal charges filed in Washington County District Court.

Eckberg allegedly deposited over $41,000 into personal bank accounts instead of paying money owed to beer suppliers, a lighting company, and a youth hockey booster club.

Eric Thole, Eckberg's attorney, said his client had no intention of swindling anyone and that the festival had financial problems because of the weather, said Minnesota Public Radio.

Presidential campaigns come to Minnesota

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By Libby Ryan

Both sides of the presidential campaign sent representatives to Minnesota this week in an attempt to gain as many votes as possible before the election on Tuesday.

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport on Sunday and former President Bill Clinton is also speaking on Sunday on behalf on Democratic President Barack Obama's campaign, said the Star Tribune.

Minnesota's 10 electoral votes were seen as safe for Obama but a poll last week showed a much closer race than had been anticipated, according to CBS Minnesota.

By Libby Ryan

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday asked the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra to resume talks to resolve contract disputes.

The Minnesota Orchestra has been locked out since they rejected a contract offer on Oct. 1 that would reduce the minimum salary by 32 percent.

The locked out musicians said they want to attend the orchestra board meeting on Monday but the board chairman and CEO both say they have not yet received the musicians' request to do so, the Star Tribune said.

Minnesota Orchestra musicians held a rally at Peavey Plaza for the one-month anniversary of the lockout on Thursday, according to MinnPost.

Concerts have been cancelled through Nov. 25.

Woman shot in road rage incident

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A woman was injured in a shooting connected to road rage early Sunday.

The 26-year-old woman was one of eight passengers in a car driving northbound on Interstate 35E around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, said the Star Tribune.

The driver of the car allegedly made an obscene gesture at the driver a SUV as he entered the interstate from the Cliff Road entrance ramp and the driver of the SUV fired multiple shots at the car, said the Star Tribune.

The woman in the front passenger seat was shot in the shoulder and was taken to Regions Hospital. Her injuries were not considered life-threatening, according to the Pioneer Press.

Four shot at Minneapolis bar

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Four people were shot at a Minneapolis bar early Saturday morning near the University of Minnesota.

Two men and two women were shot as the left the Red Sea Restaurant and Bar around 2 a.m Saturday. None of the victims' injuries were believed to be life threatening, said the Pioneer Press.

Minneapolis police said that a bouncer was trying to remove a group of people from the bar using a chemical spray and someone opened fire, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

No arrests have been made and the shooting is under investigation.

Minnesota drought continues

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Over a third of Minnesota is in extreme drought state, as the fall weather stays consistently dry.

Almost all of Minnesota is in same state of drought, according to the Pioneer Press. The total rainfall for the autumn so far is close to half of the rainfall for the rainfall in autumn 2011.

The rain on Friday was the most Minnesota has gotten in the past two months.

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Locked Out

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St. Paul Chamber Orchestra management has locked out musicians and cancelled performances due to union contract disputes.

The SPCO management had named Sunday as the deadline for musicians to vote on its latest contract offer but the musicians did not vote. According to the Pioneer Press, the SPCO president said the musicians were no where near a settlement.

Musicians at the Minnesota Orchestra were also locked out as of early October, according to the Star Tribune.

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