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I realize that maybe love isn't the most creative thing in the world, but none the less I believe that love is the greatest phenomena there is. Maybe I feel this way because I am in love and no matter what I do it weaves into everything I think about and everything I do. Love is everything to me. People are the most important things to me and I try the best I can to keep the ones I love close.
Love is a phenomena. The "things" it contains are the two people in love. They have mass, shape, are measurable, etc. Framework is defined as a fixed number of things in a relationship which is definately the two people that are in love. No one else can enter into that relationship, although others can complicate the relationship, the two people alone are what make it up. Along with that trust, communication, friendship, attraction, shared beliefs, and a "give and take relationship" are also components of the framework of a loving relationship although not neccessarily considered things. Although every relationship may run on a different type of clockwork I believe that every relationship has one. You go through happy times and harder times that continue to play over and over like a rollercoaster. You get angry about something, you fight about it, you make up, you live very happily in love for a while and they you get angry again. A phenomena is defined as something precieved by the senses or mind and love does that. You not only know when you're in love, but you're whole body can feel it, especially when the other person is around. Love has an origin, it has boundry conditions, and it exibits change and behavioral characteristics (stable or unstable).
It is true that not all definitions of framework, clockwork, and phenomena are completely met by love. It's clockwork is not always stable and predictable, and part of it's framework is not neccessarily characterized as things, but no one can argue that love is not a phenomena. With all the stresses that we encounter and all the outside factors that can hurt a relationship it is a phenomena that love can still move on. It takes work and it isn't always perfect, but love is worth it no matter how long it lasts or how painful it can sometimes be. Every lost love brings you closer and makes you wiser for the next love until you find the one that will last forever. And for that reason love is one of the greatest phenomenons there are.



Hi Megan -

No worries, I agree that love is a phenomena. However, I would urge you to be specific about your notion of love - are you only referring to romantic love? Do you love your family? Might that be an example of love between more than two people? Are there different types of love?

I would like to see an improvement in your grammar and spelling over this semester. Utilizing any word processing program's spelling and grammar check should help you in learning when to apply possessive forms of words (e.g. it's = it is, not the possessive of its).

Another point of clarification - not every object in our universe necessarily meets all requirements of the thing-framework-clockwork that was discussed in lecture. I don't want you all to feel like using all the new categories/definitions are necessary in each explanation.

Good start - let me know if you have any questions.

happy blogging!