Chapter 10: Human Development

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Upon looking at Chapter 10 the subtitle to Human Development is how and why we change. At a glance what the chapter seems to be examining is what influences the childhood of human beings and how they change into the adult form of themselves. A couple sections that I found rather interesting, personally, were the sections regarding adolescence. In regards to the adolescence section it sheds light on the idea that this is time young people are apt to explore. A prime example of someone undergoing a heavy dosage of self-exploration would possibly be someone exploring the goth image. An interesting model that puts emphasis on the discovery of self would be Erickson's Model of Identity: The Identity Crisis. It discusses how constant odds are pitted again an individual throughout their life and how quite a great deal of this is felt during adolescence. All of this is summarized throughout the chapter and tied together through the differing sections ranging from discussing the genetic factors, environmental aspects, and all the way into the transitional periods. Overall, it looks that this chapter will lay out the reasoning as to why an individual evolves throughout their lifetime and what influences these changes.

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