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Here's our new site. Book Club's earlier blog is Tambien

It's time for a new round of books.

We polished off the last six months gourmet style, switching in June from a stint at Sofitel to an evening at the Monte Carlo (a night spent without discussing Toni Morrison's A Mercy in any way, shape or form. Sorry, Toni, but the wings and the chocolate cake made it impossible to concentrate)

So, to begin the discussion of our next list of titles is


the next Stieg Larsson book ( #2 is The Girl Who Played with Fire - I just finished #3, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest);

Tracy Chevalier's new book Remarkable Creatures - though I don't think it is out in paperback yet.

Hilary Mantel's new book Wolf Hall - won the Booker prize, though also not in paperback.

Anne suggested Wolf Hall too, and also Barbara Kingsolver's Lacuna.


Don't forget our Library Thing page and I've just added the link to the Links list on the sidebar.

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