June 11, 2004

Construction in Wilson

Wilson Library is adding an Information Commons. This new service for U of M students will be in the first floor main lobby.

Open Access workstations that all visitors may use will be moved to the carpeted Reference Room on first floor.

History Day students may use these visitor workstations, labelled with 3 yellow dots. Remember that there is also a designated History Day group study area in the basement outside room 2.

Construction Update #1

This construction update will be posted to the Wilson Reference Web Page Page shortly, http://www.wilson.lib.umn.edu/reference/.

Construction Update: Reference Room
START DATE: Monday June 14
CD Rom rooms will be dismantled to add book shelves in the room. The de-construction work will begin at 6 am and go until 2 pm.
Some areas will be sealed off to limit noise and dust. All reference materials will remain available. If you need assistance, please come to the Reference Desk. CD Rom files will be available at the Reference Desk during regular Reference Service hours.

Posted by s-gang at June 11, 2004 2:14 PM