June 30, 2004

2004 History Day winners

History Day Results
Brad Jarvis, the University of Minnesota Department of History's National History Day contact, reported to Kay Kane and Susan Gangl of the University Libraries that "many of the kids who used the resources at Wilson Library represented themselves quite well at the National History Day competition last week [June 13-17th, 2004].

"Minnesotans claimed 5 National Champions (and one 2nd place) in the 14 categories. Two students, Juan Cisneros and Kong Yang of W. Harry Davis Academy, were interviewed by WCCO-TV on Sunday morning. Harry Davis Academy visited Wilson Library last winter, and Juan and Kong found much of the material for their award-winning project on public transportation in Minneapolis in Wilson Library.

Read more about the 2004 results at:
-- Susan Gangl & Kay Kane

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