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"Mysteries" Of Qumran: Mystery, Secrecy, And Esotericism In The Dead Sea Scrolls.Thomas, Samuel I. (Samuel Isaac)Paper 2009
"We Are Going To Pick Potatoes": Norway And The Holocaust, The Untold Story. Berman, Irene Levin eBook 2010

Acts Of The Mind In Jewish Ritual Law: An Insight Into Rabbinic Psychology. Cohen, Isaac, 1914-2007 Cloth 2008
American Israelis: Migration, Transnationalism, And Diasporic Identity. Rebhun, Uzi Cloth 2010
As Below, So Above: Apocalypticism, Gnosticism And The Scribes Of Qumran And Nag Hammadi. Fairen, Glen J Paper 2008
Between Judaism And Christianity: Art Historical Essays In Honor Of Elisheva (Elisabeth) Revel-Neher. eBook 2009
Concept Of Purity At Qumran And In The Letters Of Paul.Newton, Michael Paper2005
Covenantal Imperatives: Essays By Walter S. Wurzburger On Jewish Law, Thought And Community.Wurzburger, Walter S Cloth 2008
Crossing Mandelbaum Gate: Coming Of Age Between The Arabs And Israelis, 1956-1978. Bird, Kai Cloth 2010
Dead Sea Scrolls Today. Vanderkam, James C Paper2010
Debating Qumran: Collected Essays On Its Archaeology. Magness, JodiPaper 2003
Design And Destiny: Jewish And Christian Perspectives On Human Germline Modification. eBook 2008
Egyptian Cultural Icons In Midrash. Ulmer, Rivka Cloth 2009
Essenischen Gemeinden Von Qumran Und Damaskus In Der Hasmonaer Und Herodier (130 Ante-68 Post).Burgmann, Hans Paper 1988
Excavations Of Khirbet Qumran And Ain Feshkha: Synthesis Of Roland De Vaux's Field Notes.Humbert, J.B Paper 2003
Exegetical Encounter Between Jews And Christians In Late Antiquity eBook 2009
Fall Of A Sparrow: The Life And Times Of Abba Kovner Porat, Dina eBook 2009
Families, Rabbis And Education: Traditional Jewish Society In Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe.Stampfer, Shaul Cloth2010
Footsteps Of Israel: Understanding Jews In Anglo- Saxon England. Scheil, Andrew P., 1968-Cloth 2004
Holocaust Denial As An International Movement. Atkins, Stephen E eBook 2009
Holocaust Historiography In Context: Emergence, Challenges, And Contexts Cloth 2008
Holocaust: A Reader eBook 2005
Isaiah At Qumran: Updating W.H. Brownlee's "The Meaning Of The Qumran Scrolls For The Bible."Brooke, George J Paper 2004
Jewish Scholarship And Culture In Nineteenthcentury Germany: Between History And Faith. Roemer, Nils H Cloth 2005
Jews In Nazi Berlin: From Kristallnacht To Liberation eBook 2009
Johannine Sectarianism In Perspective: A Sociological, Historical, And Comparative Analysis Of Templ E And Social Relationships In The Gospel Of John, Philo And Qumran. Fuglseth, Kare Cloth 2005
Judaism In A Post-Halakhic Age. Cohen, Jack J Cloth 2010
Judaism: A Way Of Being. Gelernter, David Hillel eBook 2009
Judaism: History, Belief And Practice. Cohn-Sherbok, Dan eBook 2003
Judaism: The E-Book. Segal, Eliezer eBook 2009
Justifying The Obligation To Die: War, Ethics, And Political Obligation With Illustrations From Zionism. Baron, Ilan Zvi eBook 2009
Los Manuscritos Del Mar Muerto: La Comunidad De Qumran Y Sus Escritos. Sen, Felipe Paper 2000
Medicine And Nazism. Nadav, Daniel S Cloth 2009
Meneket Rivkah: A Manual Of Wisdom And Piety For Jewish Women Tiktiner, Rivkah Bat Me'ireBook 2008
Misterio Revelado: Los Rollos Del Mar Muerto Y La Comunidad De Qumran. Pagan, Samuel Paper 2002
Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher And Bible Scholar. Unterman, Yael Cloth2009
People Like Us: Misrepresenting The Middle East; Trans. By Michele Hutchison. Luyendijk, Joris eBoo2009
Pinkas, Kahal, And The Mediene: The Records Of Dutch Ashkenazi Communities In The Eighteenth Century As Historical Sources. Litt, Stefan, 1969- eBook 2008
Piracy In Qumran: The Battle Over The Scrolls Of The Pre-Christ Era. Israeli, Raphael Cloth 2008
Place Of The Mediterranean In Modern Israeli Identity. Nocke, Alexandra eBook 2009
Qumran And Jerusalem: Studies In The Dead Sea Scrolls And The History Of Judaism. Schiffman, Lawrence H Paper 2010
Qumran And The Jewish Jesus: Reading The New Testament In The Light Of The Scrolls. Brooke, George J Paper 2005
Qumran In Context: Reassessing The Archaeological Evidence.Hirschfeld, Yizhar Cloth 2004
Qumran Mystery; Trans. By Emily Read. Abecassis, Eliette Paper 1998
Qumran Through (Real) Time: A Virtual Reconstruction Of Qumran And The Dead Sea Scrolls. Cargill, Robert R., 1973-Cloth 2009
Qumran/ The Qumram Mistery. Abecassis, Eliette Paper 2007
Qumran: A Carta Field Guide. Eshel, Hanan Paper 2009
Reading The Hebrew Bible After The Shoah: Engaging Holocaust Theology Sweeney, Marvin A. (Marvin Alan), 1953- Paper 2008
Report On The Banality Of Love: A Play In Five Encounters. Diament, Mario Paper 2009
Sabbath World: Glimpses Of A Different Order Of Time. Shulevitz, Judith Cloth 2010
Schechter Haggadah; Art, History, And Commentary; Trans. By Joshua Kulp. Cloth 2009
Shame Of Survival: Working Through A Nazi Childhood. Mahlendorf, Ursula R Cloth 2009
Shape Of Qumran Theology. Deasley, Alex R.G Paper 2000
Stranger From Abroad: Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, Friendship And Forgiveness. Maier-Katkin, Daniel, 1945- Cloth 2010
Studies In Medieval Jewish Poetry: A Message Upon The Garden Ebook2009
Subversive Sequels In The Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine And Undermine Each Other Klitsner, G'udie book 2009
Targum And Translation: A Reconsideration Of The Qumran Aramaic Version Of Job. Shepherd, David cloth 2004
Temple And The Community In Qumran And The New Testament: A Comparative Study In The Temple...Tucker, Joshua L Paper 2005
Torah Queeries: Weekly Commentaries On The Hebrew Bibleebook 2009
Two Thousand Years Of Jewish Life In Morocco. Zafrani, Haeim Cloth 2005
Use Of Sobriquets In The Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls. Collins, Matthew A Cloth 2009
Vitality Of Rabbinic Imagination: The Mishnah Against The Bible And Qumran. Neusner, Jacob Paper 2005
Wisdom At Qumran: A Form-Critical Analysis Of The Admonitions In 4qinstruction. Jefferies, Daryl F Paper 2002
Wisdom Texts From Qumran And The Development Of Sapiential Thought Charlotte Hempel. Paper 2002
Women, Men And Angels: The Qumran Wisdom Document Musar Lemevin And Its Allusions To Genesis Creation Traditions. Wold, Benjamin G Paper 2005
'Works Of The Law' At Qumran And In Paul. De Roo, Jacqueline C.R Cloth 2007
Yad Vashem Encyclopedia Of The Ghettos During The Holocaust Cloth 2009

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