Recent Selections in Jewish Studies July 2012

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These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

Economic Morality and Jewish Law. Levine, Aaron Cloth 2012

Founding Fathers of Zionism. Netanyahu, Benzion Cloth 2012
Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City; Trans. By Helge Dascher. Delisle, Guy Cloth 2012
Jewish Symbols And Secrets: A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Jewish Carpet. Felton, Anton Cloth 2012
Messianism, Secrecy and Mysticism: A New Interpretation Of Early American Jewish Life. Leibman, Laura Arnold Cloth 2012
New American Haggadah Cloth 2012
Tell Beydar: The 2004/2-2009 Seasons Of Excavations, The 2004/2-2009 Seasons Of Architectural Restoration. Paper 2012

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