August 20, 2004

Fall Semester!

It's that hectic time of year when you're getting ready for your courses. If you plan to include a library component, feel free to contact me. I can put together a tailor-made CourseLib page for your class. View the courses that already have a page at CourseLib for courses beginning with the letter K.

For basic information introduce your students to Research QuickStart and set the subject menu on one of the following:
Physical Education, Recreation and Kinesiology
Sports Medicine
or any subject that applies to your course.

If you would like me to meet with your class, contact me at least a week in advance so I can see if my schedule is open during class time. Send me a copy of your syllabus and information about any library-related assignments you have in mind. We can discuss whether you'd like the class to come to the library or if you'd prefer to have me visit in your regular classroom.

Posted by s-gang at August 20, 2004 2:50 PM