August 23, 2004

ERIC and E*Subscribe changes Fall 2004

College of Education Faculty--
For those of you use ERIC and E*Subscribe...

There are a number of upcoming changes in the ERIC database system as directed by the US Department of Education. These are detailed in the EDRS News section of the E*Subscribe web site ( ) and this pdf:

Here are the key points--
A redesigned ERIC will be in place Sept 1 2004, with new features. The Library will continue to offer ERIC via ERIC FirstSearch and so the appearance will remain the same.
E*Subscribe, the source for downloading ERIC documents, will shut down/discontinue operations Sept 30, 2004. It will be gone. We have the ERIC documents on microfiche in the Government Publications Library here at Wilson Library. Some of the past ERIC documents may be available online in the new ERIC and others will not be. (No one likes using microfiche!)
No new ERIC fiche will be produced. We've received our last shipment!
In place of the ED/ERIC document on microfiche of the past, for the future "ERIC will introduce, for the first time, free-of-charge full text non-journal ERIC resources". The mechanism for this has not been specified.
This move to the new redesigned ERIC has been a long, difficult, and political process. Librarians and others have been active advocates on various issues related to this during the past few years with mixed results.

As a separate matter, as soon as the link is set up, this year we will offer access to ERIC with both ERIC FirstSearch and ERIC CSA for your use on the library web pages. (Same database...different vendor interface...different search features...see what works best for you). A year from now to save money, we may need to switch to ERIC CSA only given cost differences.

Laurel Haycock, Ph.D., Librarian for Education, Psychology,
and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

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