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Sharing resources found in MNCAT Plus

A note about MNCAT PLus  e-Shelf :

A permanent e-Shelf requires login with your x500, and at the moment MNCAT Plus does not have the capability to have a group eshelf account.  However there are two alternatives for sharing resources found in MNCAT Plus.

Multiple people can assign tags to items in MNCAT Plus creating a collection of resources around a topic.  Tags are words that help you identify and search for items of interest.  Once you found an item of interest, on the lower right-hand side there is an "Assign/Remove Tags" link.  Assign tags to the items of interest and anyone can search on those tags to find a group of related resources.   For more information on tagging in MNCAT Plus, visit:

RefWorks - Shared Account
RefWorks is a citation management resource offered by the University of Minnesota.  There is no limit to the number of accounts one can have.  A member of the group could create an account and share the username and password with the other members of the group, creating a shared account that everyone adds materials to.  It is a good idea to backup RefWorks shared accounts periodically, just in case one of the members deletes resources or alters the organization by accident.  You also can provide read-only access to an account to others.  For more information on RefWorks, visit:




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