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The sidebar rocks! Refine by geography, genre & form

The many faceted sidebar rocks, indeed:

News from our group:
It is now possible to refine a MNCAT Plus search by geographical subject. For example, if you are searching for items about agriculture in India, you will be able to search on the word "agriculture" and then refine your search using the search refinement options on the
left of the screen.

We have also improved the ability to refine results by genre or form. For example, if you are searching for proceedings of agriculture conferences, you can search for "agriculture' and then refine your results by selecting "Congresses".

You can also apply multiple refinement criteria to your search results. By applying first "India" and then "Congresses" as refinements to your search results, you can find conference proceedings on agriculture in India.

The geographical terms are drawn from Library of Congress subject headings, which were not originally designed for use in MNCAT Plus. Because of this they do have some limitations. The terms are not strictly hierarchical: for example, the term "United States" will not include works focussed on specific states within the U.S.A. You will also see some variations in the terms used to designate a given place, e.g. Bengal may be represented as "India Bengal" or "Bengal (India)". Nevertheless, we hope that MNCAT Plus users will find this new feature useful.




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